Bermingham classic sofa

The Bermingham Classic Sofa

The Bermingham Classic Sofa

The Bermingham sofa is named after the Bermingham village in the UK. The classic sofa upholstered in 100% genuine leather. Most popular in full grain Cigar leather and lately in Zambezi Buffed Whisky produced by Hannitan leather in South Africa. The classic couch Set consist of a 3 division, 2 division and a 1 division, either with bronze studs or piping. The Bermingham comes with genuine King George wooden legs.

Price and Dimensions
SpecsWidthSeat depthSeat heightBack height100% LeatherLeather UpperLeather Look**Fabric
Full setSee 3+2+1700mm500mm900mmR27 250R21 250R18 200*SFP
3 Div2200mm700mm500mm900mmR14 150R10 950R10 850*SFP
2 Div1800mm700mm500mm900mmR12 500R9 850R9 900*SFP
1 Div1200mm700mm500mm900mmR6 850R5 750R4 850*SFP
| *Subjected to Fabric price | ** Fabric subjected to Fabric house price and Quality | Any dimensions can be altered on request |


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