kingsborough classic couch

The Kingsborough Classic Couch set

The Kingsborough Classic Couch

The Kingsborough Classic Couch is named after the word “borough” which means a self governing private place. Where kings Borough means the place of a king.

The name Kingsborough is derived from the German meaning ‘royal fortified house’ or ‘Kings Fort’.

The ‘boroug’ part of the name means ‘fort’ or ‘defensive work,

The Kingsborough sofa upholstered in 100% genuine leather.

Most popular in dark brown Cape Ox leather and lately in Zambezi Buffed Brown produced by Hannitan leather in South Africa.

The Kingsborough Set consist of a 3 division, 2 division and a 1 division, either with bronze studs or piping.

Price and Dimensions
Specs Width Seat depthSeat height Back height100% LeatherLeather UpperLeather Look**Fabric
Full set See 3+2+1 700mm 500mm 900mm R28 750 R22 250R16 200 *SFP
3 Div 2200mm 700mm 500mm 900mm R14 750 R10 250 R8 250 *SFP
2 Div 1800mm 700mm 500mm 900mm R12 500 R9 150R7 300 *SFP
1 Div 1200mm 700mm 500mm 900mm R6 850 R5 150 R4 550 *SFP
| *Subjected to Fabric price | ** Fabric subjected to Fabric house price and Quality | Any dimensions can be altered on request |


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