Autumn Home Decorating

Autumn Home Decor

With the seasons changing it’s the perfect time to switch up your interior decorating – especially when the air is a little colder and you need to cosy up inside.

When the leaves turn yellow and the temperature drops, we love to find new ways to bring in the autumn ambience into our homes. Today we’re sharing our favourite ways to take your home from summer to autumn without any hassle.

Time for a colour change

Colour sets the mood in a space. Each and every colour you use evokes emotions like green and blue has a calming effect, pink is used for femininity and so forth. The tones and shades also play a role in the ambience of the room, pastel shades are softer and light whereas darker, fuller hues offer a more intense dose of colour.

Introducing a new colour palette is one of the easiest ways to bring in the Autumn ambience in your room. Autumn colours we love are hues of brown, orange, yellow and even purple – paired with light white hues makes for the perfect contrast.

You can incorporate these colours in so many ways; from being bold and having an accent wall to more subtle touches through scatters or throws.

Layer it up

Now is the time for those chunky knit throws, plump scatters and velvet blankets! Whether it’s on your sofa, bed or even your armchair draping a throw blanket can make your home feel cosier. 

Seeing all the warm elements around your home will warm up the interior and when you are really cold, you’ll be glad you’ve got a cosy throw within arm’s reach.

We have plush throws available in various colours to suit your interior, shop now.

Fragrance is key

When creating an Autumn home interior we often forget about our sense of smell. However, it plays a big part in bringing in the autumn ambience. Think of fragrances that let you think of autumn like cinnamon, ginger, espresso, chocolate.

We love scented candles at this time of year, particularly anything with wood or earthy note. And who can resist the smell of leather?!

Embrace heavier fabrics and textures

Changing up your scatter cushions when the season change is an effortless way to style your home – and it’s often a treat to yourself to get some new cushions. View our collection of warming scatter cushions here.

Get a cozy seat

There are plenty of autumn decorating ideas to indulge in this season. Start off with finding the perfect seat to snuggle up. A plush Chesterfield sofa or Wingback Chair is sure to provide a cosy relaxing space and add a luxurious essence to your space.

Enjoy this Autumn with these wonderful decor tips and ideas.  Bring warmth into your home before it is bustling with activity for the winter holiday! Share your ideas on decorating for the Autumn season, with us… We’d love to hear them!

The Born team

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autumn home decor autumn decor

Autumn Inspiration

Decorating your home for Autumn

With the seasons changing it is time to change your home interior as well. Autumn is the best time of year to use earth tone colours in your home decor. The colder nights, autumn colours and nature changing before us is all the evidence we need to know autumn is here. Adding autumn touches to your home decor will help you transition into the new season and a change is as good as a holiday they say. Notably, when we decorate we should consider the exterior and interior of our homes, the rich and robust colours of the season. Choose your style and see how our decorating tips and ideas will make you want to jump to work to start redecorating!

Firstly, a small but very subtle way to introduce the autumn atmosphere to your home is by displaying artwork that depicts autumn images and colours. Artwork is known to change the mood in your space dramatically. Use nature themes with autumn colours like orange, rusts and golden yellows or browns and reds.

autumn home decor inspiration autumn decor

Furthermore, you should use your fireplace, if you have one, to showcase your seasonal decor. Your fireplace mantel is the best place for any decoration especially this time of year. Use dried leaves and pine cones or small pumpkins, and candles, This will brighten your mantel and the ambiance of your room.

As the nights get colder it means we need cozy lounge and TV areas. Use autumn coloured throw blankets on your sofas. A wonderful idea is to combine scatter cushions in complimenting colours to your sofa. The cushions, throws and the cozy couch will complete any cozy nook.

In addition, to welcome your guests hang a beautiful autumn wreath at your front door. You can make your own wreath or buy one at one of your local home decor shops. We suggest you look for a wreath with autumn elements like pine cones, leaves, berries, straw and dried sticks.

Furthermore, to incorporate the autumn season in individual rooms is quite easy. Add autumn colours to every room by changing small items like throws, scatter cushions, area rugs, bed and bath linen that blend with your decor. The possibilities on how you can enhance the autumn ambiance in your home are endless.

born furniture sofa couch autumn decor

Lastly, you can also bring the aromas of autumn into your home. Even tough the visuals of autumn is wonderful, if you can smell it it is even better! The first burning of your fireplace, cinnamon and scented candles are all welcome aromatic ways to make your home feel full of autumn inspiration.

Enjoy this Autumn with these wonderful decor tips and ideas.  Bring warmth into your home before it is bustling with activity for the winter holiday! Share your ideas on decorating for the Autumn season, with us.. We’d love to hear them!

The Born team

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It’s a new season.

A perfect opportunity to do something new

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