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Stand a chance to win a chesterfield dressed in a FiberGuard fabric.

We have partnered with Home Fabrics and FiberGuard to give you the chance to win a chesterfield sofa for your home.

All you have to do to be in the draw is 2 easy steps:

  1. Click on this link
  2. Fill in your details.

To even better your chances of winning:

  1. Visit us at our Brooklyn Mall Exhibition between 22 May and 27 May 2019.
  2. Take a selfie on the Aquillius Chesterfield sofa.
  3. Share your selfie on social media platforms and tag Born Furniture, FibreGuard and Home Fabrics, with the following tags: #bornfurniture #fibreguard #chesterfield

The winner will be announced on our social media platforms on 30 May 2019, whereafter a handover event will take place*.

* Date to be confirmed.
** Terms and Conditions do apply.

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Born Furniture can provide you with comfortable furniture for your home , have a look at our Chesterfield sofas, Tub chairs and Wingback Chairs

Your home should tell the story of WHO YOU ARE, and be a collection of WHAT YOU LOVE.



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Born Furniture Signature Leather – Colours

Born Furniture Signature Leather Range of Colours

We are proud to announce our very own signature range of leathers. Still, 100% genuine leather skins, just tanned in a different way. The BORN leathers, is a special collection that we have designed with our trusted tannery Hannitan. We took inspiration from the England Chesterfield makers to design the leather to our liking and tailoring. Let’s explore the range:

Born Forest Green

Inspired by nature, particularly the lush green hues of the forest brings us our Born Signature Forest Green leather. This beautiful green leather is associated with balance, growth, vitality and wealth – all this that a genuine leather chesterfield resembles.

The colour Green, in general, is associated with health and growth, think about nature – you see green in all its glory expressing renewal and life. The colour evokes feelings of abundance and a plentiful environment while providing a restful and secure feeling.

You can upholster your furniture in the Forest Green leather to create a space for creativity, productivity and revitalization. Hence, green in your office is a wonderful idea.


London Chesterfield Sofa in Forest Green Leather


Born Beautiful Red

Inspired by all things beautifully red, our Signature Born Beautiful Red. We decided to add red to the colour scheme as it is a colour that has a lot of impact and has a variety of meanings.

The colour red is associated with love, passion, desire, romance, joy, strength, leadership, power, action, vibrance and determination – just to name a few. Having something in your living space that embodies all these aspects will definitely have an impact on anyone in your space.

Red is the colour of passion and drama. It is an attention grabber and is associated with strong emotions such as love and anger. Red is the colour used universally to signify courage, strength and power. Red is stimulating, vibrant and exciting.


Mozart Chesterfield Sofa in Born Beautiful Red Leather



Born Oceano Blue

Our Ocean-inspired hue of blue is a delightful sight. The colour blue has a positive effect on the mind and body and when used in your living space it creates a sense of calmness.

Blue is associated with open spaces, freedom, imagination, inspiration and sensitivity. Furthermore, blue also represents depth, trust, loyalty, wisdom and intelligence. Blue, the shades of the sea and the sky, is thought to induce calm and convey serenity and peace.

A feeling of tranquillity is created when shades of blue are added to your living spaces. Therefore, our Signature Blue Leather will be wonderful to use in the bedroom or even the living room.


Vintage 1930’s Chesterfield in Oceano Blue Leather



Born Sunset Brown

Inspired by the African Sunset is our Born Signature Sunset Brown Leather. The colour of the earth emanates a message of stability and foundation. This beautiful colour relates to things that are natural and simple. Brown is reliable and wholesome, it’s a colour of safety and confidence.

The sunset brown leather creates warmth in your living spaces, especially in the colder seasons. Cosiness, comfort and relaxation are also associated with brown. Brown is a stable and grounded colour that is believed to help create a feeling of fitting in and belonging.

A Sunset Brown Leather Chesterfield will warm up your living room and create a space where you can enjoy the heartfelt company of your friends and family.


Strauss Chesterfield Sofa in Sunset Brown Leather



Born Jet Black

Jet Black is a statement colour of boldness and formality. Black is associated with power, mystery, strength, authority and elegance. This prestigious colour is the embodiment of sophistication and luxury.

The colour black can help create an ambience that increases the sense of potential and possibility. Opulence is showcased through the colour black and is used in interior design to enhance the modernity of the space.

The colour of luxury can be used to upholster your unique Chesterfield Sofa to add an opulent touch to your home. Why not give it a try today?


Schumann Chesterfield Sofa in Jet Black Leather



Colour surely has a lot of associations attached to it and when used the colour combinations can embody these various messages in your home.

Whatever colour combination you choose for your home’s interior make sure that it will compliment your space and showcase your personality! As interior designer Nate Berkus stated; “Your home should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of things you love”.

Have fun redecorating! Don’t forget to share your ideas and inspirations with us.

The Born Team

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Born Furniture can provide you with comfortable furniture for your home , have a look at our Chesterfield sofas, Tub chairs and Wingback Chairs

Your home should tell the story of WHO YOU ARE, and be a collection of WHAT YOU LOVE.



Caring for your leather sofa

Caring for your leather

It is important to know that products made from natural leathers, like furniture, will age with time. Just like our own skin, it will need moisturising and caring for it to be kept in excellent condition. Due to the importance of taking care of your leather, we have put together these easy steps:

  • Skip the home potions: The first rule of cleaning leather is to avoid DIY remedies. Homemade solutions like using vinegar are best kept for salads, not leather cleaning. The best thing is to avoid applying anything that is not endorsed by the tanneries or your couch supplier.
  • Cleaning materials: Only use a soft microfiber cloth and a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. Always use a neutral-pH nondetergent soap or a leather cleaner designed for furniture. Furthermore, leather cream/conditioner should also be applied once a month.
  • Cleaning Steps: Here are the steps for cleaning and caring for your leather. (Remember to always spot check first – apply to one area that can’t be seen and see how the leather reacts.)
      1. Start by vacuuming the sofa using the brush attachment.
      2. Add a few drops of the leather cleaner to distilled water to create a cleaning solution. Moisten a microfiber cloth with the solution. Note, make sure not to use a wet cloth but rather a damp cloth.
      3. Test the solution on an area to check for any discolouration from the cleaner.
      4. Wipe the sofa from top to bottom.
      5. Dampen another cloth with plain distilled water and wipe furniture again.
      6. Dry with a clean towel.
      7. Apply leather cream on the couch to ensure long-lasting care.
  • Spills, Spots and Stains: As leather is very sensitive to liquids, a spill should be absorbed and cleaned up as soon as possible to keep it from soaking in and harming the leather.
  • To condition or not? Want to keep your leather sofa soft and supple? After cleaning apply leather cream occasionally on your sofa. We recommend applying cream every 6 months to maintain the leathers natural oils to keep it soft for years.
  • Other Care Tips: Keep your leather furniture out of direct sunlight and heat sources. The heat can cause drying and cracking of the leather.
  • Leather Care Kit: We recommend using our Leather Guard Range. The set consists of Leather Cream, Leather Cleaner, Ink Killer, Microfibre and a Leather Care & Protection Plan Manual.

Why this Leather Care Kit?

  • It prevents future cracking & peeling
  • Protects against UV sun damage
  • Easily removes ink & stains
  • Retains the suppleness & lustre of the leather
  • Helps prevent colour fading
  • Keeps the leather newer for longer
  • It’s easy to use.

You can purchase the Leather Care Kit in-store or on our online shop. Take care of your leather sofa and it will last you a lifetime.

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Born Furniture can provide you with comfortable furniture for your home , have a look at our Chesterfield sofas, Tub chairs and Wingback Chairs

Your home should tell the story of WHO YOU ARE, and be a collection of WHAT YOU LOVE.



Born Furniture Christmas gift guide


Gifts for the entire house

Christmas is the time of year we splurge on the ones we love. For most of us picking the perfect gifts for our partners, parents, children and friends is something we put real time and effort into – but what about the perfect gift for your home?

Might sound ridiculous to buy gifts for your home, but your home is the safe sanctuary where you and your loved ones spend the most time together – having a comfortable space is essential!

When it comes time to shop for your home, all you need is a bit of inspiration and a sense of direction to find the perfect gift. To help you refine your search, we’ve rounded up twelve hand-picked treasures that everyone in your home will love.

For the Living room:

1. Giftees Contemporary Chesterfield

The whole family can gather around the Christmas tree with the Giftees Chesterfield. This Contemporary Chesterfield dressed in Marula Ice Leather is sure to bring everyone closer this festive season while lounging and enjoying your favorite Christmas movies.


2. Richard Ottoman

Lift your feet and relax between all the hustle and bustle of the festive season with the Richard Ottoman dressed in Cotton White leather.


3. Napoleon Wingback

That extra seat for grandpa to snooze in – the Napoleon Wingback dressed in Oyster Gazelle leather is the perfect addition to your living room.


For the Dining Room

4. Gabriella Dining Chair two tone

Need extra seating space around the dining table this Christmas? The Gabriella Dining Chairs in a modern two-toned patterned fabric is pleasing to the eye and will definitely be a talking point during your Christmas feast.

5. Dining Table

Large family dinners aren’t limited to Christmas anymore.  With this 8 seater Kiaat Dining Table share a meal with your family everyday of the year.

6. Gabriella Dining Chairs

There’s only one rule when it comes to dining seating – the more the merrier! The Gabriella Dining Chairs dressed in a royal blue fabric is a stylish addition for those extra dining chairs around the dining table.

For the Bedroom

7. Amelia Headboard

Create a bedroom sanctuary to relax after a long year with the Amelia Headboard dressed in a Mint green fabric.



8. Hardingstone Tub Chair

A little reading nook deserves a comfortable chair, the Hardingstone Tub chair dressed in a soft white fabric is the perfect addition to make your sanctuary your ultimate resting space.

9. Abigail Storage Unit

Need somewhere to stow away all your gifts? The Abigail Storage unit is a delightful addition to your bedroom.


For the Office

10. Guinea Office Chair

You have been working hard this year and deserve a power seat! The Guinea Office Chair dressed in 100% genuine leather.

11. Coffee Table

Taking a breather is necessary in the workplace, with this modern glass coffee table you would most definitely have a coffee break in style.

12. Scottish Tubs

Complement your Christmas tree with Scottish Tub Chairs in dressed in a festive red leather. These chairs adds seating space for your visitors in a stylish way.

That concludes our list, its gifting season and spoiling your family and home should definitely be on the top of your Festive To Do List. Follow our Born Gift Guide and you’ll be sure to spread the Christmas Joy this season.

The Born Team wishes you a Merry Christmas!

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Born Furniture can provide you with comfortable furniture for your home , have a look at our Chesterfield sofas, Tub chairs and Wingback Chairs

It’s Christmas in the heart, that puts Christmas in the air.



S is for Spring

S is for Spring

From leafy greens to emerald hues… green is the ultimate colour of harmony. We are so thrilled that the powerful green was part of the Pantone Trends list for Spring, with colours like Lime Punch, Sailor Blue and of course our favourite, Ultra Violet. If there is one colour to play with in all its possible shades, right through spring into summer, it would be green.

Allow us to introduce you to our Refreshing Spring Collection. Pedro Calderon de la Barca once said: “Green is the prime colour of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises”. We fully agree as green is truly a colour of calmness, relaxation and renewal. And what better time to renew your home than spring?

The best thing about using green in your spring home interior is that it looks good, is flattering and brings new life to your space. Darker hues paired with metallic accents adds the glossy and opulent finishes your room needs.

Although some of the pieces in our collection might seem unusual or new to you, we want to encourage you to try something new. A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there. The magic happens outside your comfort zone..

So without further adieu our Refreshing Spring Collection:

Zinio Contemporary Chair: Contemporary Chairs are an essential part of any home, and can transform your everyday space from classic to chic in a flash. This season we are spoiling you with our versatile Zinio Chair that can be used in any living space. Whether you are looking to refresh your work space, brighten your bedroom or add extra seating space in your lounge – the Zinio dressed in a spring inspired pattern will be the ultimate finishing touch.


Boston Classic Couch:  This Spring the Boston is certainly proving to be the seat of choice. This classic couch is a key piece if you want to play with layering and proportioning and looks great when paired with elegant and delightful scatters. The interesting design takes the piece up a notch and regardless of your space you can create an inviting ambience.

Sheko Rainbow Carpet: Texture is a big thing this season! Textiles take a playful role with lots of embellishments, raw edges and appliqué details – all irresistible to the touch. Therefore, the Sheko Rainbow Carpet with its texture detail and beautiful geometric pattern is undeniably a must have for your home decor this Spring.

Maximus Contemporary Chesterfield: Glam dark woods are on trend this Spring, and what better way to incorporate it in your home than with contemporary furniture. The Maximus Contemporary Chesterfield combines the traditional tufted chesterfield with an exposed wood back. This contemporary Chesterfield provides a new take on modern luxury and is a refreshing sight – perfect for the new season. And upholstered in our Signature Emerald Green Leather the Maximus will surely add to your delightful ambience!

Floral Art Work: As mother nature changes season, she puts the more subdued colours of winter behind her and turns to the bright colours of spring. A true delight from phenomenal artist Koos van der Lende is the beautiful portrait with a lavish red colour to bring the Spring Blossom into your home.

Spring is most certainly in the air and you can bring the new season into your home with our Refreshing Spring Collection. This spring we dare you to try something new. Be brave. Be bold. And don’t forget to share your Spring creations with us.

The Born Team

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Born Furniture can provide you with comfortable furniture for your home , have a look at our Chesterfield sofas, Tub chairs and Wingback Chairs

Your home should tell the story of WHO YOU ARE, and be a collection of WHAT YOU LOVE.



Born Furniture Teresa Chesterfield leather chesterfield sofa contemporary chesterfield

The Teresa Chesterfield

The Teresa Chesterfield

Born Furniture specializes in 100% Genuine leather chesterfield sofas. We have the largest range of Chesterfield sofas in Africa. Our Chesterfield range is manufactured in 100% genuine leather. Alternatively, our range is also available in the finest fabrics. Our frames carry a lifetime guarantee and our signature foam a five-year warranty.

The focal point of the home, the place you run to after a long day and the area where you can unwind and relax – the sofa is one of the most important pieces of furniture in your home. Therefore, we have decided to add a brand new addition to our Chesterfield collection.

Designed and created exclusively by our team, we’re thrilled to be able to finally reveal this beautiful handcrafted chesterfield sofa.

Without further ado, may we introduce you to TERESA.



The Teresa Chesterfield is handcrafted to the idolised chesterfield style but with its own contemporary twists. Her features include deep buttoning, square arms, low back along with the buttoned front border, hand tacked piping and individual seat cushions. This sofa transcends fashions like no other – the very definition of timeless style. Handcrafted in 100% genuine leather to add that opulent touch needed.


Teresa is unique in style but is practical in any living space! The Teresa Chesterfield is available as a 1, 2, 3 & 4 seater sofas and as three different corner size sofas.


We hope you love our latest addition in full for the first time as much as we enjoyed curating it for you! Tell us what you think of the all new Teresa Chesterfield sofa.


For further inspiration, get social with us by using the links below.



Visit our online showroom for some home furniture

Born Furniture can provide you with comfortable furniture for your home , have a look at our Chesterfield sofas, Tub chairs and Wingback Chairs

Your home should tell the story of WHO YOU ARE, and be a collection of WHAT YOU LOVE.



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Small Chesterfield Sofa for small spaces

Small Chesterfield Sofa for small spaces

There’s something intrinsically luxurious and old fashioned about a chesterfield. All that tufting! Those curved arms! There’s just so much to love, which is probably why the chesterfield has remained a furniture classic decade after decade. However, this bulky piece are sometimes avoided due to the oversize nature.

Have a small living room? Not a problem! We at Born Furniture believe size matters. Therefore, we have handcrafted a selection of small leather chesterfield sofas for your tiny corners. Our collection of tufted small sofas are compact, yet they retain their generous seats. With super soft foam and leather or fabric upholstery, these humble chesterfield sofas will be among the most comfortable you have ever sat on, just in time for the cold season!

A light yellow hue love seat adds a fresh twist to the classic chesterfield style. Our Fascination Loveseat is small in size but oozes with comfort!

The Zabeth Love seat is an excellent option for small spaces, and an ideal partner to the Manarco Tub Chair in any living room. Super comfortable, this small chesterfield sofa features a simple silhouette with plush upholstery dressed in only the finest fabric or 100% genuine leather. Take a seat and snuggle up on this delight this cold season.

Express your exquisite sense of style and taste with this classic tufted chesterfield sofa.
The Chi Loveseat showcases rolled arms, soft linen blend upholstery and firm yet comfortable foam padding, this beautiful sofa will provide plenty of support for entertaining and relaxation. The vintage styling, modern weathered wood legs and 2 cushion design enables you to make a statement even though you have a small space.

Ashby is a love seat that begs to be curled up on. Perfect for small-space living areas, this compact sofa boasts a button-tufted seat and back.  This small chesterfield upholstered in a Born leather is a versatile piece that will be a welcoming addition to your home this winter.

Queen Ann love seat is the epitome of chic sophistication. Beautiful, simplistic lines and button-tufted back will soil you in high style and comfort. So whether you’re looking for a stylish addition to your lounge, this is a small chesterfield that you’re going to love for years to come.

With its beautifully tufted back and seat the
Born Love Seat invites you to take a seat to snuggle up and get cozy in style. The retro-inspired design is always in fashion, so indulge in comfort that you will adore for years to come.

What do you think of our small sofa collection? Need some more small chesterfield inspirations, have a look at our Loveseat Inspiration Pinterest Board.

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Born Furniture can provide you with comfortable furniture for your home , have a look at our Chesterfield sofas, Tub chairs and Wingback Chairs

Your home should tell the story of WHO YOU ARE, and be a collection of WHAT YOU LOVE.



Born Furniture, Celebrate Spring

2018 Home Interior Trends

Home Interior Trends 2018

Decorating your home for 2018 will be effortless with our list of the latest home interior trends for this new year. This year is all about modern colours and designs that reflect culture and finding harmony in life whilst protecting the Earth. The interior design trends of 2018 are frugal, practical, eco-friendly and most of all comfortable. This year’s trends are based and focused mainly on families, love, success and well-being. Hence, most of the interior trends create welcoming, friendly spaces to spend time with loved ones. Let’s have a look at our list of interior decor trends for your home.


Contemporary homes and offices are trending this year. Comfortable corners like reading nooks allow to relax and unwind. Beautiful and comfortable zones add charming and stylish coziness to modern interior design. Decorating all small areas and mastering micro-zones fill homes and offices with luxurious and trendy comfort. Place a chaise or a contemporary chair in an open corner to create your own relaxation space.

Modern Colour Palette

The Pantone of the year is ultra-violet, this bold colour is a wonderful colour to match with neutral shades to create a modern palette. Green and brown shades are also popular as it is a reminder of nature, emphasizing relaxation. Metallic colours like bronze and copper add a stylish yet majestic ambience to any space. Notably, all white hues, grey tones and purple hues are wonderful for decorating in 2018.

Simple shapes and metal furniture

Simplicity is key in modern interiors. Geometric designs with curved angles and clean lines are the way to go this year. These geometric designs can be added to your space with your upholstery fabric. For example, our Hillary Tub Chair dressed in a metallic geometric design. Minimalist and high-tech styles with a touch of retro-modern design are stylish options for your interior decor. Furthermore, furniture with smooth edging and exposed wood is a beautiful addition to any space, just like our Maximus Chesterfield. Notably, metal furniture creates a beautiful look with soft upholstery fabrics, adding shiny luxury and durability to fashionable home furnishing.


In light of eco-friendliness, reusing old furniture and giving some new life to worn out items is the best thing to do. Born Furniture not only manufacture furniture but we also offer Reupholstery Services to give life to your old furniture. We can reupholster any fabrics, including leather. You can choose from our huge range of fabrics, we reupholster your furniture to fit any style. Whether you’re looking for modern, vintage or eclectic style, your furniture can be as unique as you.

Frugal ideas

Luxury does not have to be outrageously expensive, there are ways to give your living space a luxurious look and feel for the fraction of the price. Leather is a symbol of opulence but doesn’t only use it to upholster furniture but rather home accents like scatter cushions, artworks and even placemats at your dining table. Another frugal luxury idea is to use velvet textured fabrics in and around your home.

Small colourful accents

A light touch of colour in a neutral living space is wonderful. Small accents in vivid hues and quiet color schemes create modern interiors which feel comfortable, spacious, energetic, and luxurious. Use scatter cushions or other small decorating items like a vase, wall clock or even your carpet.

There you have it some of the 2018 home decor trends that you need to incorporate into the decor of your home. Have fun decorating and remember to share your creations with us!

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Born Furniture can provide you with comfortable furniture for your home , have a look at our Chesterfield sofas, Tub chairs and Wingback Chairs

Your home should tell the story of WHO YOU ARE, and be a collection of WHAT YOU LOVE.



Born Furniture Christmas Table Setting

Tips to create the perfect Christmas table setting

Tips to create the perfect Christmas table setting

Christmas is around the corner and that off course offers various Christmas dinners. Dining with the entire family around your dining table can be a wonderful feast when you have the perfect Christmas table setting.  So for those looking to up their table setting game or just need some advice, there’s no better time than the festive season to step things up a notch. We have a few tips on how to create the perfect Christmas table setting that will keep the family talking till next Christmas!

Firstly, your dining room furniture is probably the most important! Having a dining set that adds an elegant ambience to your space is more appealing than old and over used furniture. Our Rochelle dining chairs in a Gazelle Taupe leather will create a delightful ambience to your space and is sure to catch the eye of everyone stepping into the room.

Secondly, your table decor is important for setting the perfect table. Traditionally, people set a Christmas table with the side plate to the left of the dinner plate. However, in modern times a layered setting very popular! Place the side plate and dessert bowl on the dinner plate, creating various layers. For a festive touch tie a bow around the plates, when your guest sit down it feel like they are opening a gift.


Furthermore, if you want to add a interesting touch to your Christmas table, mix and match your crockery. Use patterned side plates or plates with festive words and pictures, paired with solid colours that compliments your theme. Mixing your cutlery is also a way to bring this element to your table.

Additionally, tree decorations are not just for the big Christmas tree in your living room. A collection of Christmas baubles and other decorations can be displayed in a beautiful way and can double as your centrepiece or just adding festive touches to your dining table.

Your Christmas table setting should include candles! Candles help create the right mood anytime of day! Fairy lights are also a way to incorporate light on your dining table, it adds beautiful colours and the festive ambience.

Traditionally, people use plain colours like a crisp white either for the tablecloth or placemats. You can choose if you only want to use a tablecloth or placemat, however placing a placemat on top of a tablecloth will add t your layered effect. Don’t forget the table runner! A Table runner can make a bold statement and looks beautiful paired with the rest of the table setting.

Remember, Christmas is about spending time with your loved ones and to enjoy a meal together. Create an atmosphere that is relaxed and enjoyable! Set you Christmas table with personal touches and keep our tips in mind. Have a wonderful Christmas feast and don’t forget to share your creations with us.

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Eat drink and be MERRY.