Every year, Pantone selects a Colour of the Year inspired by trends in home, travel, culture and fashion. This year colour of the year has been unveiled as Classic Blue. And we can’t contain our excitement!

Pantone described the blue hue as timeless and “highlights our desire for a dependable and stable foundation from which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era.” Furthermore, the classic blue hue is described as a colour in home-decor that hold the potential to “inject creative confidence into interiors,” and can be “easily applied across so many different materials, textures and finishes.” 

Now you might wonder how you can bring the Pantone of the Year into your home? Well, classic blue is a truly classic colour and will add a relaxed and calming ambience to your home – perfect to start of a new year.

Here are our 7 unique ways to incorporate this timeless colour in your home:

  1. Statement Couch

Make a bold statement by adding a large piece of furniture dressed in classic blue. Blue is a wonderful colour to use in your living space, especially because it is so versatile. You can pair it with either neutral or warm-toned accessories. We recommend a Chesterfield Sofa that is upholstered with our Signature Oceano Blue Leather. The different shades of blue will add to your rooms calming ambience, yet make the bold statement your home deserves.

  1. Eye-catching accent wall

Classic Blue can also be incorporated by creating an accent wall in your living space. Depending on the room type and size you can use blue as the main colour or just an accent. If used in an office or living room it can give the space a rich bold look. However, when used in a bedroom or similar relaxing space it can add to the calming ambience of the space.

  1. Bathroom Blues

A twist to the normal neutral bathroom. Classic Blue can be used in a variety of ways from just adding blue towels to blue painted cabinets and tiles. Due to this Pantone being so versatile you can do so much with it. 

  1. Spice up your kitchen

A fresh coat of paint in classic blue can spice things up in your kitchen. From kitchen cabinets to build-in storage any space can benefit from this primary hue. Mix and match this hue with metallic accents and luxurious countertops like white marble and you’ll have a kitchen you’d never want to leave.


  1. Blue Area Rug

Don’t want to make to many changes to your space? Add an area rug in the rich blue colour to your space. Play around with different textures, sizes and shades to find what fits your space. 


  1. Bold Chairs

Need some extra seating space? Add some occasional chairs dressed in the rich blue hue to your space. A rich velvet fabric or smooth leather will work wonders in any space. Have a look at some of our designer chairs.

  1. The trusted Scatter Cushion

If you’re not one for big changes scatters are your go-to option. Scatters are small and elegant but can make an impact in your interior. With so many designs, patterns and textures you have endless options to incorporate the blue hue in your home.

Inspired to redecorate your home? Follow our 7 tips to incorporate the Pantone of the year in your home. Share your creations with us on our social media platforms and stand a chance to feature in our blog. Need further advice or want to shop the look contact us today.

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