Style that stays evergreen

Furniture that will never go out of style

Are you tired of looking at the same old furniture that is driving you up the walls? Do you think it’s time to change things up in your home? Well we do too!

Now is the perfect time to change a leave and add a new chapter to your home – right before the seasons change.

Extra seating is always welcome!

Our Wingbacks and Occasional Chairs are versatile pieces that can act as additional seating or the perfect accent. Our chairs are handcrafted with great care in both 100% leather and the finest fabrics. An occasional chair can add a pop of colour to the room or fill the empty spaces that make your room look dull. As a statement piece we would suggest the Napoleon Wingback in 100% genuine leather, its functional, pleasing to the eye and most important, extreamly comfortable. For a more delicate chair we suggest the Hardington Tub Chair in a soft fabric – perfect for the bedroom.

Make a Statement

Chesterfield Sofas are Big and Bold and sets a remarkable tone to your space. A style icon with a rich history from the 18th century, Chesterfields are the epitome of luxury and class. These icon pieces are manufactured to be durable and stand the test of time – proven with our lifetime gaurentee. Our Born Chesterfields are handcrafted with the finest fabrics and 100% genuine leather. We are proud the have the Largest Chesterfield Range in Africa which includes vintage, modern and contemporary styles.

Our most popular Chesterfield Sofa is the Signature Mozart Chesterfield. This timeless design has been mastered by our craftsman for more than a decade. Another favourite is the Strauss Chesterfield in 100% genuine leather, he draws attention and gives your room a warm ambience with his brown hues. A more delicate chesterfield is the Lady Catherine – she is soft, sweet and pleasing to the eye. If you have a more contemporary style in mind the Maximus Chesterfield is the perfect fit. He is mastercrafted in 100% genuine leather with a stylish kiaat accent back.

Scatter All Around

Using scatter cushions as part of your décor is one of the quickest and easiest ways of sprucing up the various indoor and outdoor spaces in your home. You can use them to add colour or textural interest to a space, or to create a specific theme at a minimal cost.

We have a wide range of trendy scatter cushions that can be used to completely change the look and feel of a room.

From a luxurious leopard print scatter with rich brown and black hues to light purple floral scatter and even some grey nature inspired scatter cushions. Another wonderful trend in scatter cushions is leather scatters. Its something different yet very stylish. Our scatter cushions are available in various sizes, styles and shapes. Get a quote for your custom design scatters that will fit your space perfectly.

Whether you’re looking to bring style into your living room, spice up the bedroom, or add an accent piece or two to your family room, hallway, bathroom or dining room, you’re going to fall in love with our luxury furniture when you see our 2020 catalogue. You can easily create the dream home you’ve always dreamed.

Get your catalogue today.

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Born Furniture can provide you with comfortable furniture for your home , have a look at our Chesterfield sofas, Tub chairs and Wingback Chairs

Your home should tell the story of WHO YOU ARE, and be a collection of WHAT YOU LOVE.



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Home decor Inspiration with Pantone of the Year – Classic Blue

Every year, Pantone selects a Colour of the Year inspired by trends in home, travel, culture and fashion. This year colour of the year has been unveiled as Classic Blue. And we can’t contain our excitement!

Pantone described the blue hue as timeless and “highlights our desire for a dependable and stable foundation from which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era.” Furthermore, the classic blue hue is described as a colour in home-decor that hold the potential to “inject creative confidence into interiors,” and can be “easily applied across so many different materials, textures and finishes.” 

Now you might wonder how you can bring the Pantone of the Year into your home? Well, classic blue is a truly classic colour and will add a relaxed and calming ambience to your home – perfect to start of a new year.

Here are our 7 unique ways to incorporate this timeless colour in your home:

  1. Statement Couch

Make a bold statement by adding a large piece of furniture dressed in classic blue. Blue is a wonderful colour to use in your living space, especially because it is so versatile. You can pair it with either neutral or warm-toned accessories. We recommend a Chesterfield Sofa that is upholstered with our Signature Oceano Blue Leather. The different shades of blue will add to your rooms calming ambience, yet make the bold statement your home deserves.

  1. Eye-catching accent wall

Classic Blue can also be incorporated by creating an accent wall in your living space. Depending on the room type and size you can use blue as the main colour or just an accent. If used in an office or living room it can give the space a rich bold look. However, when used in a bedroom or similar relaxing space it can add to the calming ambience of the space.

  1. Bathroom Blues

A twist to the normal neutral bathroom. Classic Blue can be used in a variety of ways from just adding blue towels to blue painted cabinets and tiles. Due to this Pantone being so versatile you can do so much with it. 

  1. Spice up your kitchen

A fresh coat of paint in classic blue can spice things up in your kitchen. From kitchen cabinets to build-in storage any space can benefit from this primary hue. Mix and match this hue with metallic accents and luxurious countertops like white marble and you’ll have a kitchen you’d never want to leave.


  1. Blue Area Rug

Don’t want to make to many changes to your space? Add an area rug in the rich blue colour to your space. Play around with different textures, sizes and shades to find what fits your space. 


  1. Bold Chairs

Need some extra seating space? Add some occasional chairs dressed in the rich blue hue to your space. A rich velvet fabric or smooth leather will work wonders in any space. Have a look at some of our designer chairs.

  1. The trusted Scatter Cushion

If you’re not one for big changes scatters are your go-to option. Scatters are small and elegant but can make an impact in your interior. With so many designs, patterns and textures you have endless options to incorporate the blue hue in your home.

Inspired to redecorate your home? Follow our 7 tips to incorporate the Pantone of the year in your home. Share your creations with us on our social media platforms and stand a chance to feature in our blog. Need further advice or want to shop the look contact us today.

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Born Furniture can provide you with comfortable furniture for your home , have a look at our Chesterfield sofas, Tub chairs and Wingback Chairs

Your home should tell the story of WHO YOU ARE, and be a collection of WHAT YOU LOVE.



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Decorex in collaboration with Born Interior Design

Decorex in collaboration with Born Interior Design

Hello there!

Are you an interior décor enthusiast? Then Decorex SA this August is a must-visit!

Every year, Decorex brings the latest interior design and decor trends. 

This year we are thrilled to collaborate and launch our sister company, Born Interior Design.


Born Interior Design is run by the MULTI-Talented Mariza and this year she is focusing on cosy by design bedroom sanctuaries. Mariza has decided that she will be showcasing one of our most popular chesterfield headboard designs, the Grande Bridge in 100% Genuine Leather coupled with the ultimate luxurious furniture. 


Since this is the go-to event for design-savvy consumers and homeowners looking to renovate, restore, build or decorate their homes, we have a little surprise for you when you visit the Born Interior Design stand…


So if you’re keeping up with the latest trends or want fresh inspiration, make your way over to our stand at Decorex Joburg between 7 – 11 August 2019 at the Gallagher Convention Centre. 


Let’s cosy up your bedroom and bring in some new life just in time for the new season!


See you there!

S is for Spring

S is for Spring

From leafy greens to emerald hues… green is the ultimate colour of harmony. We are so thrilled that the powerful green was part of the Pantone Trends list for Spring, with colours like Lime Punch, Sailor Blue and of course our favourite, Ultra Violet. If there is one colour to play with in all its possible shades, right through spring into summer, it would be green.

Allow us to introduce you to our Refreshing Spring Collection. Pedro Calderon de la Barca once said: “Green is the prime colour of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises”. We fully agree as green is truly a colour of calmness, relaxation and renewal. And what better time to renew your home than spring?

The best thing about using green in your spring home interior is that it looks good, is flattering and brings new life to your space. Darker hues paired with metallic accents adds the glossy and opulent finishes your room needs.

Although some of the pieces in our collection might seem unusual or new to you, we want to encourage you to try something new. A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there. The magic happens outside your comfort zone..

So without further adieu our Refreshing Spring Collection:

Zinio Contemporary Chair: Contemporary Chairs are an essential part of any home, and can transform your everyday space from classic to chic in a flash. This season we are spoiling you with our versatile Zinio Chair that can be used in any living space. Whether you are looking to refresh your work space, brighten your bedroom or add extra seating space in your lounge – the Zinio dressed in a spring inspired pattern will be the ultimate finishing touch.


Boston Classic Couch:  This Spring the Boston is certainly proving to be the seat of choice. This classic couch is a key piece if you want to play with layering and proportioning and looks great when paired with elegant and delightful scatters. The interesting design takes the piece up a notch and regardless of your space you can create an inviting ambience.

Sheko Rainbow Carpet: Texture is a big thing this season! Textiles take a playful role with lots of embellishments, raw edges and appliqué details – all irresistible to the touch. Therefore, the Sheko Rainbow Carpet with its texture detail and beautiful geometric pattern is undeniably a must have for your home decor this Spring.

Maximus Contemporary Chesterfield: Glam dark woods are on trend this Spring, and what better way to incorporate it in your home than with contemporary furniture. The Maximus Contemporary Chesterfield combines the traditional tufted chesterfield with an exposed wood back. This contemporary Chesterfield provides a new take on modern luxury and is a refreshing sight – perfect for the new season. And upholstered in our Signature Emerald Green Leather the Maximus will surely add to your delightful ambience!

Floral Art Work: As mother nature changes season, she puts the more subdued colours of winter behind her and turns to the bright colours of spring. A true delight from phenomenal artist Koos van der Lende is the beautiful portrait with a lavish red colour to bring the Spring Blossom into your home.

Spring is most certainly in the air and you can bring the new season into your home with our Refreshing Spring Collection. This spring we dare you to try something new. Be brave. Be bold. And don’t forget to share your Spring creations with us.

The Born Team

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Born Furniture can provide you with comfortable furniture for your home , have a look at our Chesterfield sofas, Tub chairs and Wingback Chairs

Your home should tell the story of WHO YOU ARE, and be a collection of WHAT YOU LOVE.



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2018 Home Interior Trends

Home Interior Trends 2018

Decorating your home for 2018 will be effortless with our list of the latest home interior trends for this new year. This year is all about modern colours and designs that reflect culture and finding harmony in life whilst protecting the Earth. The interior design trends of 2018 are frugal, practical, eco-friendly and most of all comfortable. This year’s trends are based and focused mainly on families, love, success and well-being. Hence, most of the interior trends create welcoming, friendly spaces to spend time with loved ones. Let’s have a look at our list of interior decor trends for your home.


Contemporary homes and offices are trending this year. Comfortable corners like reading nooks allow to relax and unwind. Beautiful and comfortable zones add charming and stylish coziness to modern interior design. Decorating all small areas and mastering micro-zones fill homes and offices with luxurious and trendy comfort. Place a chaise or a contemporary chair in an open corner to create your own relaxation space.

Modern Colour Palette

The Pantone of the year is ultra-violet, this bold colour is a wonderful colour to match with neutral shades to create a modern palette. Green and brown shades are also popular as it is a reminder of nature, emphasizing relaxation. Metallic colours like bronze and copper add a stylish yet majestic ambience to any space. Notably, all white hues, grey tones and purple hues are wonderful for decorating in 2018.

Simple shapes and metal furniture

Simplicity is key in modern interiors. Geometric designs with curved angles and clean lines are the way to go this year. These geometric designs can be added to your space with your upholstery fabric. For example, our Hillary Tub Chair dressed in a metallic geometric design. Minimalist and high-tech styles with a touch of retro-modern design are stylish options for your interior decor. Furthermore, furniture with smooth edging and exposed wood is a beautiful addition to any space, just like our Maximus Chesterfield. Notably, metal furniture creates a beautiful look with soft upholstery fabrics, adding shiny luxury and durability to fashionable home furnishing.


In light of eco-friendliness, reusing old furniture and giving some new life to worn out items is the best thing to do. Born Furniture not only manufacture furniture but we also offer Reupholstery Services to give life to your old furniture. We can reupholster any fabrics, including leather. You can choose from our huge range of fabrics, we reupholster your furniture to fit any style. Whether you’re looking for modern, vintage or eclectic style, your furniture can be as unique as you.

Frugal ideas

Luxury does not have to be outrageously expensive, there are ways to give your living space a luxurious look and feel for the fraction of the price. Leather is a symbol of opulence but doesn’t only use it to upholster furniture but rather home accents like scatter cushions, artworks and even placemats at your dining table. Another frugal luxury idea is to use velvet textured fabrics in and around your home.

Small colourful accents

A light touch of colour in a neutral living space is wonderful. Small accents in vivid hues and quiet color schemes create modern interiors which feel comfortable, spacious, energetic, and luxurious. Use scatter cushions or other small decorating items like a vase, wall clock or even your carpet.

There you have it some of the 2018 home decor trends that you need to incorporate into the decor of your home. Have fun decorating and remember to share your creations with us!

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Born Furniture can provide you with comfortable furniture for your home , have a look at our Chesterfield sofas, Tub chairs and Wingback Chairs

Your home should tell the story of WHO YOU ARE, and be a collection of WHAT YOU LOVE.



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Making your home festive for the holidays

Making your home festive for the holidays

Can you feel the excitement of the holidays approaching yet? Decorating for the holidays is a fun family tradition that often denotes the start of the season. While some of us love the familiarity of using the same decorations year after year, others like to mix it up a bit and decorate with a fresh palette every season. We’ve put together some terrific festive holiday décor ideas for your home’s interior.

Decorate the front door.

A season’s greetings right at your front door. Use tree branches, wreaths, ornaments, ribbons or anything you like that gives your door a festive look and feel.

Photo adapted from Good House Keeping 

Add cheer to your staircase.

The staircase is a wonderful place to bring in the festive cheer! Add Christmas decorations and fairy lights to the guardrails of your stairs to create a special focal point for your Christmas decor.

Photo adapted from Country Living

Give the perfect seat.

Special occasions require special furniture solutions. Replacing your furniture before the holiday season gives your space a special atmosphere. Not only for the holidays but also for the years ahead. A Leather Chesterfield gives an ambience of opulence to your space and it gives your guest a comfortable seat.

Deck the windows.

Don’t know where to decorate? Utilise your windows! Hang Christmas decorations, wreaths in simple arrangements. It will bring the festiveness to your home both inside and outside.

Photo adapted from Digs Digs

Candle light setting.

Candles are another wonderful way to enhance the festive ambience in your space. It adds beautiful lighting to your space creating a magical atmosphere to your space – perfect for Christmas! Furthermore, using scented candles can also bring in the fragrances of the holidays.

Photo adapted from Homedit

These are just some ideas to make your home more festive over the holidays! Let us know what you think and share your creations and ideas with us.

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Born Furniture can provide you with comfortable furniture for your home , have a look at our Chesterfield sofas, Tub chairs and Wingback Chairs

Eat drink and be MERRY.



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5 Winter Essentials for your home

Winter Home Essentials

When temperatures drop and it becomes harder to leave the house, it is wonderful to have a comfortable place to cozy-up. Don’t know where to begin when bracing your home for the winter? Use our 5 home essential guide to create the ultimate home interior to escape the chilly winter.

Soft throws

Throws are vital for a winter-ready space, they offer texture and additional warmth.You can style them any way you like, as it will bring a layered look to your interior. This winter, snuggle up with a good book or film under the comfort of one of our opulent throws.

Cozy pillows

Photo adapted from Restoration Hardware

 During the winter season, it is all about layering up and scatter cushions offer a very simple way to do this. This time of year comfort is essential, therefore mix and match different styles to create a cosy display. Use soft materials that will make your space more welcoming. Velvet and silken designs are the perfect options and will create an inviting ambience while feeling incredible.


A luxurious rug is another must have this winter. It creates extra warmth and comfort during the cold season. Area rugs can be used as a design element in a room; they add colour and style while unifying a space. Furthermore, rugs add a layer of insulation to the floor, trapping cool air underneath and keep it from seeping up and cooling the room. The warmth of the rug will keep your feet toasty, too.


Photo adapted from Delightfull

The lighting in your home can also enhance the ambience of your space. Table lamps and ceiling lights are options, however when it comes to distinguishing your space this cold season it;s all about floor lamps. Tall, slender and elegant floor lamps in different styles, deliver light at a height to create a moody ambience.

Scented candles

Photo adapted from YOPA

In addition, candlelight is another seasonal staple and wonderful lighting option. Perfect for creating a restful atmosphere candles are a beautiful way to give your home that winter glow. Place multiples around your interior for maximum impact, scattering a few thoughtfully chosen candles across bookcases, mantelpieces, windowsills and tabletops. Use scented candles to add an aroma of warmth and comfort in your space.

This concludes our 5 home essentials for your home interior to keep warm this cold season. What can you add to our essential list? Share your ideas with us on how to stay warm this winter.

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Born Furniture can provide you with comfortable furniture for your home , have a look at our Chesterfield sofas, Tub chairs and Wingback Chairs

Winter is the most Wonderful time of the year.



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Pastel Home Decor

 Decorating with pastels

Choosing the colour for your home’s interior decor can be quite a challenge. There are so many combination, from brights to dulls, from neutral to neon. who would have ever thought that pastel colours would make such a wonderful colour choice? Let’s see how we can use hues of pastel in your home.

Starting small is the best way to go with pastel. Use scatter cushions, artwork, vases or frames to add just a splash of the colour you want. This is erect if you don’t want to commit an entire room to just on colour. However, don’t over due it, sometimes a pop of colour can be more powerful.

Pair pastel colours with dark colours to make a dramatic statement. Think of a soft pink paired with a bold black. The Princess Diana in the Born Ballerina Pink leather with scatter cushions in our signature Jet Black leather would definitely make a bold statement. Looking for something more modern? A pastel yellow paired with a pale grey would work wonderful!


Art is a great source for color palette inspiration. Shades of blue, green, and yellow in a painting will echo throughout the room in the walls, accessories, and upholstery.

You can use pastel colours in any room in the house, let us have a look at some inspiration.

This kitchen looks so inviting with green pastel walls paired with dark wood finishes. The green colour of the plants in the kitchen is just enough to compliment the pastel green. A sophisticated yet comfortable kitchen.

Just look at this stunning bedroom! The pastel blue tones with just enough neutral white and brown makes this bedroom a peaceful area where you can relax and unwind.

A pastel pink chaise, what a way to make a statement. This delightful setting is inviting and definitely has an ambiance of relaxation.

Pastel colours are always a delight to use in any home decoration, have fun redecorating and don’t forget to share your creations with us.


The Born team

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If the couch fits,

buy it in every colour




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Hue knew?

Colourful interior decor for your home

Changing the color of your interior decor can not only have an impact on how you feel about your home, but on its value, too. Choosing a combination of hues that’s beautiful and pleasing to the eye is an entirely different task altogether. If you’ve been stymied about what home decor colors to choose, consider some of our colour combinations.


We now everyone has a favourite colour, whether it’s nature-inspired blue, passionate purple or vibrant yellow. Furthermore, it is most likely that you have a tonal preference too. This can include anything from brights to muted or pastel hues. Whatever your interior style is, here are some ways in which you can use different colours.

Firstly, we suggest you use the colour blue. Blue ranks so high as a favorite colour that you won’t go wrong if you use this versatile colour. Furthermore, blue enhances the peaceful ambience of your space to create the perfect place to relax. A blue chesterfield is an excellent way to incorporate blue to your space. Therefore, we recommend a Mozart Chesterfield in our Signature Oceano Blue leather. Notably, when you combine blue with another colour it creates a more creative effect.


We also suggest different hues of yellow. Yellow is associated with happiness and positivity and will be a delightful colour to use for your home’s interior as it will add to you joyful ambience. However, using too much yellow in your interior is not a good idea. Therefore, rather use smaller pieces of furniture or small decorating items that will make the space feel fresh and inviting. 


Perhaps best known as the colour of royalty, purple is truly significant! Purple can be a daunting colour to consider however, in all its hues it can be lovely and even sophisticated. Adding pops of purple hues in the form of furniture is a wonderful idea, we suggest a Born Wingback in our Royale Purple leather. Another way to add hues of purple is by using rugs, it can be used around the house without any effort.


Want a colourful, happy and full of energy space? We recommend using green for your home decor. The hue is the colour of live as it is associated with growth and rejuvenation. Incorporate the positive energy from green in your home with a Born Signature Emerald Green Leather sofa.


Color choices are highly subjective, and when it comes to decorating your home, you need to do what feels right to you. Similarly, it is just as important to choose the right colour combinations. As we discussed a peace enhancing blue, vibrant yellow, royal purple and lushes green we suggest that you pair these colours together. A space with natural hues of blue paired with yellow or green is a wonderful combination just as rich purple and green hues work perfectly together. Have a look at some of our colourful inspirations.


Whatever colour combination you choose for your home’s interior make sure that it will compliment your space and showcase your personality! As interior designer Nate Berkus stated “Your home should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of things you love.

Have fun redecorating! Don’t forget to share your ideas and inspirations with us.

The Born Team

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Born Furniture can provide you with colourful furniture for your home, have a look at our Chesterfields, Tub chairs and Wingback Chairs

Sometimes all you needs is a splash of colour!