Home Interior Trends 2018

Decorating your home for 2018 will be effortless with our list of the latest home interior trends for this new year. This year is all about modern colours and designs that reflect culture and finding harmony in life whilst protecting the Earth. The interior design trends of 2018 are frugal, practical, eco-friendly and most of all comfortable. This year’s trends are based and focused mainly on families, love, success and well-being. Hence, most of the interior trends create welcoming, friendly spaces to spend time with loved ones. Let’s have a look at our list of interior decor trends for your home.


Contemporary homes and offices are trending this year. Comfortable corners like reading nooks allow to relax and unwind. Beautiful and comfortable zones add charming and stylish coziness to modern interior design. Decorating all small areas and mastering micro-zones fill homes and offices with luxurious and trendy comfort. Place a chaise or a contemporary chair in an open corner to create your own relaxation space.

Modern Colour Palette

The Pantone of the year is ultra-violet, this bold colour is a wonderful colour to match with neutral shades to create a modern palette. Green and brown shades are also popular as it is a reminder of nature, emphasizing relaxation. Metallic colours like bronze and copper add a stylish yet majestic ambience to any space. Notably, all white hues, grey tones and purple hues are wonderful for decorating in 2018.

Simple shapes and metal furniture

Simplicity is key in modern interiors. Geometric designs with curved angles and clean lines are the way to go this year. These geometric designs can be added to your space with your upholstery fabric. For example, our Hillary Tub Chair dressed in a metallic geometric design. Minimalist and high-tech styles with a touch of retro-modern design are stylish options for your interior decor. Furthermore, furniture with smooth edging and exposed wood is a beautiful addition to any space, just like our Maximus Chesterfield. Notably, metal furniture creates a beautiful look with soft upholstery fabrics, adding shiny luxury and durability to fashionable home furnishing.


In light of eco-friendliness, reusing old furniture and giving some new life to worn out items is the best thing to do. Born Furniture not only manufacture furniture but we also offer Reupholstery Services to give life to your old furniture. We can reupholster any fabrics, including leather. You can choose from our huge range of fabrics, we reupholster your furniture to fit any style. Whether you’re looking for modern, vintage or eclectic style, your furniture can be as unique as you.

Frugal ideas

Luxury does not have to be outrageously expensive, there are ways to give your living space a luxurious look and feel for the fraction of the price. Leather is a symbol of opulence but doesn’t only use it to upholster furniture but rather home accents like scatter cushions, artworks and even placemats at your dining table. Another frugal luxury idea is to use velvet textured fabrics in and around your home.

Small colourful accents

A light touch of colour in a neutral living space is wonderful. Small accents in vivid hues and quiet color schemes create modern interiors which feel comfortable, spacious, energetic, and luxurious. Use scatter cushions or other small decorating items like a vase, wall clock or even your carpet.

There you have it some of the 2018 home decor trends that you need to incorporate into the decor of your home. Have fun decorating and remember to share your creations with us!

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