Autumn Home Decorating

Autumn Home Decor

With the seasons changing it’s the perfect time to switch up your interior decorating – especially when the air is a little colder and you need to cosy up inside.

When the leaves turn yellow and the temperature drops, we love to find new ways to bring in the autumn ambience into our homes. Today we’re sharing our favourite ways to take your home from summer to autumn without any hassle.

Time for a colour change

Colour sets the mood in a space. Each and every colour you use evokes emotions like green and blue has a calming effect, pink is used for femininity and so forth. The tones and shades also play a role in the ambience of the room, pastel shades are softer and light whereas darker, fuller hues offer a more intense dose of colour.

Introducing a new colour palette is one of the easiest ways to bring in the Autumn ambience in your room. Autumn colours we love are hues of brown, orange, yellow and even purple – paired with light white hues makes for the perfect contrast.

You can incorporate these colours in so many ways; from being bold and having an accent wall to more subtle touches through scatters or throws.

Layer it up

Now is the time for those chunky knit throws, plump scatters and velvet blankets! Whether it’s on your sofa, bed or even your armchair draping a throw blanket can make your home feel cosier. 

Seeing all the warm elements around your home will warm up the interior and when you are really cold, you’ll be glad you’ve got a cosy throw within arm’s reach.

We have plush throws available in various colours to suit your interior, shop now.

Fragrance is key

When creating an Autumn home interior we often forget about our sense of smell. However, it plays a big part in bringing in the autumn ambience. Think of fragrances that let you think of autumn like cinnamon, ginger, espresso, chocolate.

We love scented candles at this time of year, particularly anything with wood or earthy note. And who can resist the smell of leather?!

Embrace heavier fabrics and textures

Changing up your scatter cushions when the season change is an effortless way to style your home – and it’s often a treat to yourself to get some new cushions. View our collection of warming scatter cushions here.

Get a cozy seat

There are plenty of autumn decorating ideas to indulge in this season. Start off with finding the perfect seat to snuggle up. A plush Chesterfield sofa or Wingback Chair is sure to provide a cosy relaxing space and add a luxurious essence to your space.

Enjoy this Autumn with these wonderful decor tips and ideas.  Bring warmth into your home before it is bustling with activity for the winter holiday! Share your ideas on decorating for the Autumn season, with us… We’d love to hear them!

The Born team

Visit our online showroom for some home furniture

Born Furniture can provide you with comfortable furniture for your home , have a look at our Chesterfield sofas, Tub chairs and Wingback Chairs

Your home should tell the story of WHO YOU ARE, and be a collection of WHAT YOU LOVE.


Style that stays evergreen

Furniture that will never go out of style

Are you tired of looking at the same old furniture that is driving you up the walls? Do you think it’s time to change things up in your home? Well we do too!

Now is the perfect time to change a leave and add a new chapter to your home – right before the seasons change.

Extra seating is always welcome!

Our Wingbacks and Occasional Chairs are versatile pieces that can act as additional seating or the perfect accent. Our chairs are handcrafted with great care in both 100% leather and the finest fabrics. An occasional chair can add a pop of colour to the room or fill the empty spaces that make your room look dull. As a statement piece we would suggest the Napoleon Wingback in 100% genuine leather, its functional, pleasing to the eye and most important, extreamly comfortable. For a more delicate chair we suggest the Hardington Tub Chair in a soft fabric – perfect for the bedroom.

Make a Statement

Chesterfield Sofas are Big and Bold and sets a remarkable tone to your space. A style icon with a rich history from the 18th century, Chesterfields are the epitome of luxury and class. These icon pieces are manufactured to be durable and stand the test of time – proven with our lifetime gaurentee. Our Born Chesterfields are handcrafted with the finest fabrics and 100% genuine leather. We are proud the have the Largest Chesterfield Range in Africa which includes vintage, modern and contemporary styles.

Our most popular Chesterfield Sofa is the Signature Mozart Chesterfield. This timeless design has been mastered by our craftsman for more than a decade. Another favourite is the Strauss Chesterfield in 100% genuine leather, he draws attention and gives your room a warm ambience with his brown hues. A more delicate chesterfield is the Lady Catherine – she is soft, sweet and pleasing to the eye. If you have a more contemporary style in mind the Maximus Chesterfield is the perfect fit. He is mastercrafted in 100% genuine leather with a stylish kiaat accent back.

Scatter All Around

Using scatter cushions as part of your décor is one of the quickest and easiest ways of sprucing up the various indoor and outdoor spaces in your home. You can use them to add colour or textural interest to a space, or to create a specific theme at a minimal cost.

We have a wide range of trendy scatter cushions that can be used to completely change the look and feel of a room.

From a luxurious leopard print scatter with rich brown and black hues to light purple floral scatter and even some grey nature inspired scatter cushions. Another wonderful trend in scatter cushions is leather scatters. Its something different yet very stylish. Our scatter cushions are available in various sizes, styles and shapes. Get a quote for your custom design scatters that will fit your space perfectly.

Whether you’re looking to bring style into your living room, spice up the bedroom, or add an accent piece or two to your family room, hallway, bathroom or dining room, you’re going to fall in love with our luxury furniture when you see our 2020 catalogue. You can easily create the dream home you’ve always dreamed.

Get your catalogue today.

Visit our online showroom for some home furniture

Born Furniture can provide you with comfortable furniture for your home , have a look at our Chesterfield sofas, Tub chairs and Wingback Chairs

Your home should tell the story of WHO YOU ARE, and be a collection of WHAT YOU LOVE.



Born Furniture Chesterfield Sofa in Leather

Tips to choose furniture for your home – you’ll love forever

Tips to choose furniture for your home – you’ll love forever

Let’s be real: choosing furniture for your home is stressful. Exciting, yes. But stressful. Our homes are our places of refuge and we take pride in how they look. Nailing down the look can be a little overwhelming.

If you’ve caught yourself in the Pinterest scrolling death-spiral, you’re not alone. Are you a minimalist? A bohemian? A mid-century modernist? None of the above!? It can be tough to know what term defines your style.

Here’s the good news: there’s no wrong way to design a home. But direction helps. Here are our best tips to tap into your inner stylist and make your space the Insta-worthy palace of your dreams.


The greatest recommendation in choosing furniture is of course its durability. While it may seem attractive and easier to purchase cheaper, you need years not months out of this purchase. Consider what the unit might need to withstand e.g. rowdy digsmates, messy children, unruly pets. Can it handle all that will be thrown at it? 



While setting out to achieve a certain aesthetic, a furniture buyer must remember to stay true to his/her personal taste. While it is good to take inspiration from online influence, ultimately stay true to what you like, as your furniture choices say a lot about you and will reflect you to all that come into your space.


Timeless Style 

In choosing furniture, be wary of buying what is currently on trend. What may seem trendy today may be forgotten tomorrow. A trend of neon, pop-colour sofas today may look like a disco train-wreck tomorrow. A fragile, delicate setup today may prove inappropriate when children enter the home. It is wise to invest in furniture that transcends time and seasons but with little effort can be jazzed up down the line, if need be. 

Measure your room space

One mistake that many buyers make is falling in love and purchasing the furniture without actually knowing if it will fit comfortably in their room space. Measure the available space that you will designate the furniture to and take a measuring tape with you to the store… 


Leather Touches

Leather is a popular couch upholstery material simply because it’s so easy to style. It’s the perfect neutral backdrop to whatever prints, rugs or patterns you accessorize your space with while taking on its own unique worn qualities. The mid-century charmer Mozart Chesterfield Sofa is our bestselling couch and takes on its own colour variations, wrinkles, and creases over time. Accents like the Boabab leather ottoman are another great way to dip your toes into the luxurious world of fine leather goods.

There are infinite directions you can take when choosing furniture for your home. A word to the wise: keeping a few easy guidelines in mind when picking your articles, whether online or in person, will make your experience more empowering than exhausting. Don’t know your anilines from grains? Check out our post to brush up on your leather lingo — and find your perfect leather. With that, go forth and get designing!

Visit our online showroom for some home furniture

Born Furniture can provide you with comfortable furniture for your home , have a look at our Chesterfield sofas, Tub chairs and Wingback Chairs

Your home should tell the story of WHO YOU ARE, and be a collection of WHAT YOU LOVE.


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Valentine’s Day Date Night At Home



Love is in the air and Cupid has his bow out! 

Friday is Valentine’s Day! Can you believe it?! Yes, the day where restaurants are filled to the brim and red roses are all around. If you haven’t made your reservations yet or haven’t made any plans, you’ll be sure to stand in long ques for a seat. In light of Valentine’s Day being the busiest night for all romantic ventures we decided to give you a guide to celebrating Valentine’s at home. Here is our list of top ideas to have a romantic date night at home.


A cosy movie date

Snuggling up with your partner and watch a movie together. Watch something you both will enjoy even if it is not a traditional romantic blockbuster. Add the element of surprise and make that movie date even more comfortable with a handcrafted Chesterfield sofa in 100% genuine leather. Get your significant other a gift like no other shop our chesterfield range now.

Spice things up with a dinner date

Bring out your inner Masterchef and cook a lovely meal. There are tons of easy yet delicious meals that you can try (see our Pinterest board for ideas). Make it more romantic with a tailored dining set – the new addition to your dining room will be a long-lasting reminder of your love for your partner. Pair your new dining set and delicious meal with some candles and soft background music and you’ll have a romantic dinner date you’ll both enjoy.

Home Spa Evening

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, it is the place where you can relax and unwind after a long day. Make your room extra relaxing for Valentine’s day with a home spa. Get some treatments from your local beauty store and enjoy the pampering together. Your sanctuary should look beautiful and a tufted headboard will do just the trick! 

Take a seat and have some fun

The most romantic thing you can do is to spend quality time together. Sit down and reflect on your life and what your dreams are for the future. Play some board games or start a new hobby. Plan out your next home decor changes and shop the look while you’re at. We have a variety of items on sale that we’re sure you’ll love!

Of course, these ideas also work for date nights at home, not just on Valentine’s Day. So keep them handy year-round to celebrate the person you love the most in the place you love the most.

What romantic plans do you have to celebrate this day with your Valentine?

Visit our online showroom for some home furniture

Born Furniture can provide you with comfortable furniture for your home , have a look at our Chesterfield sofas, Tub chairs and Wingback Chairs

Your home should tell the story of WHO YOU ARE, and be a collection of WHAT YOU LOVE.


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Home decor Inspiration with Pantone of the Year – Classic Blue

Every year, Pantone selects a Colour of the Year inspired by trends in home, travel, culture and fashion. This year colour of the year has been unveiled as Classic Blue. And we can’t contain our excitement!

Pantone described the blue hue as timeless and “highlights our desire for a dependable and stable foundation from which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era.” Furthermore, the classic blue hue is described as a colour in home-decor that hold the potential to “inject creative confidence into interiors,” and can be “easily applied across so many different materials, textures and finishes.” 

Now you might wonder how you can bring the Pantone of the Year into your home? Well, classic blue is a truly classic colour and will add a relaxed and calming ambience to your home – perfect to start of a new year.

Here are our 7 unique ways to incorporate this timeless colour in your home:

  1. Statement Couch

Make a bold statement by adding a large piece of furniture dressed in classic blue. Blue is a wonderful colour to use in your living space, especially because it is so versatile. You can pair it with either neutral or warm-toned accessories. We recommend a Chesterfield Sofa that is upholstered with our Signature Oceano Blue Leather. The different shades of blue will add to your rooms calming ambience, yet make the bold statement your home deserves.

  1. Eye-catching accent wall

Classic Blue can also be incorporated by creating an accent wall in your living space. Depending on the room type and size you can use blue as the main colour or just an accent. If used in an office or living room it can give the space a rich bold look. However, when used in a bedroom or similar relaxing space it can add to the calming ambience of the space.

  1. Bathroom Blues

A twist to the normal neutral bathroom. Classic Blue can be used in a variety of ways from just adding blue towels to blue painted cabinets and tiles. Due to this Pantone being so versatile you can do so much with it. 

  1. Spice up your kitchen

A fresh coat of paint in classic blue can spice things up in your kitchen. From kitchen cabinets to build-in storage any space can benefit from this primary hue. Mix and match this hue with metallic accents and luxurious countertops like white marble and you’ll have a kitchen you’d never want to leave.


  1. Blue Area Rug

Don’t want to make to many changes to your space? Add an area rug in the rich blue colour to your space. Play around with different textures, sizes and shades to find what fits your space. 


  1. Bold Chairs

Need some extra seating space? Add some occasional chairs dressed in the rich blue hue to your space. A rich velvet fabric or smooth leather will work wonders in any space. Have a look at some of our designer chairs.

  1. The trusted Scatter Cushion

If you’re not one for big changes scatters are your go-to option. Scatters are small and elegant but can make an impact in your interior. With so many designs, patterns and textures you have endless options to incorporate the blue hue in your home.

Inspired to redecorate your home? Follow our 7 tips to incorporate the Pantone of the year in your home. Share your creations with us on our social media platforms and stand a chance to feature in our blog. Need further advice or want to shop the look contact us today.

Visit our online showroom for some home furniture

Born Furniture can provide you with comfortable furniture for your home , have a look at our Chesterfield sofas, Tub chairs and Wingback Chairs

Your home should tell the story of WHO YOU ARE, and be a collection of WHAT YOU LOVE.



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2020 Home Decor Trends

Our Favourite Home Decor Trends for 2020

Happy New Year to all! We are blessed with another year filled with promise! The new year brings a lot of excitement and joy however it can also seem daunting as we never know what 2020 can bring. Why not grab the future by the horns and create the look you want for your home with a fresh new start.

If there is one perfect moment to update your home, it certainly is at the start of a new decade. The past 10 years we saw the same old, same old home decor, now it’s time to change things up in your home. If you want to make a serious statement this year, try to incorporate at least one of the latest home decor trends of 2020.

Hues of Blue

The 2020 Pantone of the Year is Classic Blue, which means you can expect to see a lot of this navy blue shade. Luckily, blue is a very versatile and sophisticated colour. The Navy Blue shade provides a perfect balance of contrast for home interiors in traditional and modern homes.

Vintage and Patina Accents 

In 2020 one of the emerging design trends is an appreciation of patina and age. Vintage furniture with accents like spooled legs, spindles and other details are incorporated in home decors – but don’t expect to see it everywhere. Patina accents come with age and is played out in colour trends as clay and terracotta as well as decorative items such as earthenware and ceramics.

Curved Sofa

2020 Home decor trends will transport you back to another decade. Sofa designs with a focus on curved lines will give you a throwback to the 60’s and 70’s, however it is a top trend for this year. The Born Aquillius Chesterfield Sofa upholstered in leather is a true embodiment of this trend. This trend is perfect for an update to your living room.

Floral Wallpaper

Although floral wallpaper has been around for years it still remains a pretty pattern to have in your home. In 2020 there is an updated to this classic trend, large scale patterns with bold colours and even metallic versions are here to stay. This trend is best used in powder bathrooms and foyers.

Performance Fabrics

Performance fabrics have changed the way we live by making every room functional for the entire family. These fabrics can be used in the dirtiest family rooms but also in the most opulent living and dining rooms whilst maintaining a fashionable aesthetic. The leading Performance Fabric we use is surely FibreGuard distributed by Home Fabrics. You can find out more about their stain-resistant fabric here.

Upholstered Walls

Be bold they say. This year make a statement with an upholstered wall or tall headboard. You can either opt for a half wall upholstery or it can be the entire wall. There are countless designs and patterns that you can choose from – our favourite is still the everlasting diamond fold.

2020 is looking pretty bright literally and figuratively with wild colours, sustainable decor, and floral prints. Born Furniture is super excited for the new year, and we can’t wait to make your interior design dreams come true! Contact us today and start renewing your home.

Visit our online showroom for some home furniture

Born Furniture can provide you with comfortable furniture for your home , have a look at our Chesterfield sofas, Tub chairs and Wingback Chairs

Your home should tell the story of WHO YOU ARE, and be a collection of WHAT YOU LOVE.


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2019 Spring Home Decor Trends

2019 Spring Home Decor Trends 

We’re so excited for this year’s Spring Home Decor Trends! It’s time to get your home ready for the new season, therefore we have put together a list of tried and tested spring home updates. From the expected colours and florals to fresh textiles to fresh coats of paint, here’s everything you should consider as you look to make your home feel anew this season.


Bright and Bold

Now is the time to put away all the dark wintery colours. Spring is all about sunny, vibrant colours to reflect new life and freshness. Keep your spring home decor colour palette light and airy with the additions of pale and vibrant hues of blue, green, yellow, orange and pink. Use colourful items to create a hive of happy explosive colour. If you don’t want to go all out you can still use bold colour accessories to brighten your space.

Lighter Textures

Heading into the warmer season there is no need for heavy woollen throws and scatter cushions. Replace your winter furnishings with beautiful patterns and pastels that brings the essence of spring into your home. 

Fresh Flowers

The season for new blossoms is here and no home is complete without fresh-cut flowers. Fill a vase full of energizing spring flowers from daffodils to tulips or even orchids. Not only will it bring the spring feeling into your home, but it will also leave your home smelling beautifully fresh.

Natural Materials

The nature around us is slowly starting to grow and come back to life, embrace this by using natural materials and textures in your home. Use woods, rattan, wicker and other organic materials in your home. Even by using light woody tones in your home will be pleasing to the eye. 

Wanderlust Patterns

Ethnic and tribal-inspired patterns are one of the biggest design trends for 2019. Theses patterns evoke a sense of upbeat, new, cool and wanderlust vibes. From small, symmetrical ethnic prints, to big, bold, impactful patterns, you can choose light, colours or even darker colours if all the brightness of spring home decor trends is getting a bit much for you.

Plant Life

Plants are the epitome of spring – they bring a room to life in a way that other decorative accessories and home furnishings just can’t. Choose plants with light green and yellow foliage to add to the light and lively feel you are trying to achieve with these spring home decor trends 2019. You will see your home will begin to feel like a springtime haven in no time.

Botanical Prints

If the hassle of real-life plants is daunting to you, then botanical prints will be a wonderful solution for you. Botanical prints will add a vibrancy to any room of the house. You can place it as an artwork on your wall or have a scatter cushion with botanical printed fabric.

Reference: Designers Guild


Spring is most certainly in the air and you can bring the new season into your home with our Refreshing Spring Collection. This spring we dare you to try something new. Be brave. Be bold. And don’t forget to share your Spring creations with us.

The Born Team

Visit our online showroom for some home furniture

Born Furniture can provide you with comfortable furniture for your home , have a look at our Chesterfield sofas, Tub chairs and Wingback Chairs

Your home should tell the story of WHO YOU ARE, and be a collection of WHAT YOU LOVE.


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Must have home decor items for a BORN Woman

A strong woman never leaves home without determination, perseverance, passion, vision and ambition. A woman with all these empowering qualities should have a home that displays her character. In honour of Women’s Month we have put together a list of home decor must-haves that speaks the language of an empowering woman.

Lady of the house

First and foremost, you are the lady of the house and having a statement piece that compliments your beauty, passion and elegant flair is essential. The Princess Diana Chesterfield Sofa illustrates all that you stand for and adds an elegant ambience to your home. Another sophisticated lady is the Lady Catherine Chesterfield Sofa, dressed in soft white fabric she is sure to make any visitors heart skip a beat.


Beauty Rest

Every woman knows that a good nights rest is essential to power through your day. Creating a bedroom sanctuary where you can relax is a must! Unwind with a tufted headboard that is upholstered in that plush colour that just gets you in a happy mood. Or lift your feet up with a beautiful ottoman that doubles as a storage unit. 

Boss Lady Office

You work hard, put in all the extra effort and you most definitely do not back down from a challenge. You deserve to be in the power seat and be seen as a force to be reckoned with. Make your powerful voice heard with an executive leather office chair. The Latvia Office Chair showcases strength, perseverance and passion, not even talking about the Dominica Office Chair’s ambition, determination and vision. Enquire about your power seat today!

We know balancing your personal and work life can sometimes be difficult even for a strong woman like yourself, so have a look at our Tips to balance your life.

Other must-haves

Audrey Hepburn once said “elegance is the only beauty that never fades”, in the spirit of these word we have to add these home decor items to add to your homes elegant ambience.

A lovely warming throw to keep you cozy on those chilly nights, especially during the winter season. Casually hang it over a chair or place it in a basket next to the fireplace, and it will make a warming statement. Furthermore, adding a few layers with scatter cushions will enhance your warming home. You can play around with textures, patterns and sizes to create an elegant home tailored to your style.


Now that you have our list of home decor items that will showcase the beautiful woman you are, have fun shopping and decorating! 



The Born Team

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Decorex in collaboration with Born Interior Design

Decorex in collaboration with Born Interior Design

Hello there!

Are you an interior décor enthusiast? Then Decorex SA this August is a must-visit!

Every year, Decorex brings the latest interior design and decor trends. 

This year we are thrilled to collaborate and launch our sister company, Born Interior Design.


Born Interior Design is run by the MULTI-Talented Mariza and this year she is focusing on cosy by design bedroom sanctuaries. Mariza has decided that she will be showcasing one of our most popular chesterfield headboard designs, the Grande Bridge in 100% Genuine Leather coupled with the ultimate luxurious furniture. 


Since this is the go-to event for design-savvy consumers and homeowners looking to renovate, restore, build or decorate their homes, we have a little surprise for you when you visit the Born Interior Design stand…


So if you’re keeping up with the latest trends or want fresh inspiration, make your way over to our stand at Decorex Joburg between 7 – 11 August 2019 at the Gallagher Convention Centre. 


Let’s cosy up your bedroom and bring in some new life just in time for the new season!


See you there!