Creating a Comfortable Office Space to power through the new year

Something that is often overlooked is a comfortable office space, however, being at ease means being more productive. In the corporate world, it is believed that stiff office settings are the way to go as it keeps you alert. We believe that your workspace should be somewhere you can move around and find comfort in all the corners of your office. Whether you are working in a private office or within a larger team space, here are some ways you can create a formal yet comfortable office space.

Office Aesthetics

An office with order is always more efficient, and that goes for all aspects of the business. Creating a workspace with harmony encourages focus and dedication. Choosing the right colours, decor and furnishing can have an immense impact on your efficiency in the workplace. Create a space that is pleasing to the eye and has an ambience of home rather than institutional. This will make you feel comfortable at work and more likely to put in dedicated time.


The Power Seat

You work hard, put in all the extra effort and you most definitely do not back down from a challenge. You deserve to be in the power seat and be seen as a force to be reckoned with. A fantastic way to keep yourself upright is to have an office chair that is both rigid in form and comfortable in design.


The Formal Sofa

Similar to an office chair or a well placed occasional chair, a formal sofa is a wonderful addition to any workspace. A sofa can create a relaxed environment within an open office space. Upholstering sofas in your corporate colours to and image also creates a balance between formal and casual, professional enough to seat clients and comfortable enough for you or your staff to enjoy daily.


Add Some Personality

Personal touches is what makes your home your own, similarly adding touches like photos, souvenirs and decor items can personalise your office. Adding personal touches to your workspace is a wonderful way to make it feel less formal or rigid. Consider placing items or messages that inspire you within sight. Furthermore, create an inspiration board that contains images of what you aim to achieve – this is a wonderful way to keep you focused.


The Growth of Nature

Bring the natural world into your office with plants, fresh flowers, unique stones or even an aquarium filled with colourful fish. A delightful touch of nature brings freshness into your office that symbolises growth, renewal and prosperity – all aspects needed in your business.


Creating a comfortable office space is necessary to be productive and succeed in your work. Having a place where you can focus and dedicate time effectively will boost your results and ultimately your mindset.

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