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How to clean your FibreGuard Fabric

Cleaning FibreGuard

FibreGuard Stain Resistant Fabric philosophy 

They’re here to make your life as easy as possible, to limit your daily interactions with cleaning products as much as they can. From ketchup and red wine to coffee and ink, FibreGuard fabrics are simply easy to clean.

How to clean FibreGuard Fabrics?

Mostly with water – some stubborn stains will need a bit of household soap. This goes for oil-based stains, like mayonnaise, for example. Read below the step by step guide to clean FibreGuard fabrics.



For chunky stains like mud, ketchup, lipstick or silly putty, you’ll need to get a teaspoon. Remove any stain residue with the edge of the teaspoon. Deep breaths. For other stains like pen or coffee, you won’t need to do this. FibreGuard created a series of videos to show you how to remove any kind of stain on our easy-clean fabrics, see below for some videos. 



Blot up the stain with water and a paper towel. Do not do the circular motion rub trick because it’ll just rip your paper towel & drive the fibres from it into your fabric. Yuck. Rinse and repeat until you can’t see the stain on the paper towel anymore.



Apply more water and gently rub with a microfibre cloth. Use soap if necessary. Any soap will do, whatever you have in the house. Now you can do the circular motion rub trick. It’s OK.


  1. AIR DRY

This is really important. Don’t use a hairdryer or apply heat to the stain in any way. Just air dry. It’s fine.

Here are some examples of cleaning FibreGuard Fabrics:

For more FibreGuard Cleaning videos, watch it on FibreGuard’s Youtube channel.

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Your home should tell the story of WHO YOU ARE, and be a collection of WHAT YOU LOVE.



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2019 Spring Home Decor Trends

2019 Spring Home Decor Trends 

We’re so excited for this year’s Spring Home Decor Trends! It’s time to get your home ready for the new season, therefore we have put together a list of tried and tested spring home updates. From the expected colours and florals to fresh textiles to fresh coats of paint, here’s everything you should consider as you look to make your home feel anew this season.


Bright and Bold

Now is the time to put away all the dark wintery colours. Spring is all about sunny, vibrant colours to reflect new life and freshness. Keep your spring home decor colour palette light and airy with the additions of pale and vibrant hues of blue, green, yellow, orange and pink. Use colourful items to create a hive of happy explosive colour. If you don’t want to go all out you can still use bold colour accessories to brighten your space.

Lighter Textures

Heading into the warmer season there is no need for heavy woollen throws and scatter cushions. Replace your winter furnishings with beautiful patterns and pastels that brings the essence of spring into your home. 

Fresh Flowers

The season for new blossoms is here and no home is complete without fresh-cut flowers. Fill a vase full of energizing spring flowers from daffodils to tulips or even orchids. Not only will it bring the spring feeling into your home, but it will also leave your home smelling beautifully fresh.

Natural Materials

The nature around us is slowly starting to grow and come back to life, embrace this by using natural materials and textures in your home. Use woods, rattan, wicker and other organic materials in your home. Even by using light woody tones in your home will be pleasing to the eye. 

Wanderlust Patterns

Ethnic and tribal-inspired patterns are one of the biggest design trends for 2019. Theses patterns evoke a sense of upbeat, new, cool and wanderlust vibes. From small, symmetrical ethnic prints, to big, bold, impactful patterns, you can choose light, colours or even darker colours if all the brightness of spring home decor trends is getting a bit much for you.

Plant Life

Plants are the epitome of spring – they bring a room to life in a way that other decorative accessories and home furnishings just can’t. Choose plants with light green and yellow foliage to add to the light and lively feel you are trying to achieve with these spring home decor trends 2019. You will see your home will begin to feel like a springtime haven in no time.

Botanical Prints

If the hassle of real-life plants is daunting to you, then botanical prints will be a wonderful solution for you. Botanical prints will add a vibrancy to any room of the house. You can place it as an artwork on your wall or have a scatter cushion with botanical printed fabric.

Reference: Designers Guild


Spring is most certainly in the air and you can bring the new season into your home with our Refreshing Spring Collection. This spring we dare you to try something new. Be brave. Be bold. And don’t forget to share your Spring creations with us.

The Born Team

Visit our online showroom for some home furniture

Born Furniture can provide you with comfortable furniture for your home , have a look at our Chesterfield sofas, Tub chairs and Wingback Chairs

Your home should tell the story of WHO YOU ARE, and be a collection of WHAT YOU LOVE.


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Born Furniture Signature Leather – Colours

Born Furniture Signature Leather Range of Colours

We are proud to announce our very own signature range of leathers. Still, 100% genuine leather skins, just tanned in a different way. The BORN leathers, is a special collection that we have designed with our trusted tannery Hannitan. We took inspiration from the England Chesterfield makers to design the leather to our liking and tailoring. Let’s explore the range:

Born Forest Green

Inspired by nature, particularly the lush green hues of the forest brings us our Born Signature Forest Green leather. This beautiful green leather is associated with balance, growth, vitality and wealth – all this that a genuine leather chesterfield resembles.

The colour Green, in general, is associated with health and growth, think about nature – you see green in all its glory expressing renewal and life. The colour evokes feelings of abundance and a plentiful environment while providing a restful and secure feeling.

You can upholster your furniture in the Forest Green leather to create a space for creativity, productivity and revitalization. Hence, green in your office is a wonderful idea.


London Chesterfield Sofa in Forest Green Leather


Born Beautiful Red

Inspired by all things beautifully red, our Signature Born Beautiful Red. We decided to add red to the colour scheme as it is a colour that has a lot of impact and has a variety of meanings.

The colour red is associated with love, passion, desire, romance, joy, strength, leadership, power, action, vibrance and determination – just to name a few. Having something in your living space that embodies all these aspects will definitely have an impact on anyone in your space.

Red is the colour of passion and drama. It is an attention grabber and is associated with strong emotions such as love and anger. Red is the colour used universally to signify courage, strength and power. Red is stimulating, vibrant and exciting.


Mozart Chesterfield Sofa in Born Beautiful Red Leather



Born Oceano Blue

Our Ocean-inspired hue of blue is a delightful sight. The colour blue has a positive effect on the mind and body and when used in your living space it creates a sense of calmness.

Blue is associated with open spaces, freedom, imagination, inspiration and sensitivity. Furthermore, blue also represents depth, trust, loyalty, wisdom and intelligence. Blue, the shades of the sea and the sky, is thought to induce calm and convey serenity and peace.

A feeling of tranquillity is created when shades of blue are added to your living spaces. Therefore, our Signature Blue Leather will be wonderful to use in the bedroom or even the living room.


Vintage 1930’s Chesterfield in Oceano Blue Leather



Born Sunset Brown

Inspired by the African Sunset is our Born Signature Sunset Brown Leather. The colour of the earth emanates a message of stability and foundation. This beautiful colour relates to things that are natural and simple. Brown is reliable and wholesome, it’s a colour of safety and confidence.

The sunset brown leather creates warmth in your living spaces, especially in the colder seasons. Cosiness, comfort and relaxation are also associated with brown. Brown is a stable and grounded colour that is believed to help create a feeling of fitting in and belonging.

A Sunset Brown Leather Chesterfield will warm up your living room and create a space where you can enjoy the heartfelt company of your friends and family.


Strauss Chesterfield Sofa in Sunset Brown Leather



Born Jet Black

Jet Black is a statement colour of boldness and formality. Black is associated with power, mystery, strength, authority and elegance. This prestigious colour is the embodiment of sophistication and luxury.

The colour black can help create an ambience that increases the sense of potential and possibility. Opulence is showcased through the colour black and is used in interior design to enhance the modernity of the space.

The colour of luxury can be used to upholster your unique Chesterfield Sofa to add an opulent touch to your home. Why not give it a try today?


Schumann Chesterfield Sofa in Jet Black Leather



Colour surely has a lot of associations attached to it and when used the colour combinations can embody these various messages in your home.

Whatever colour combination you choose for your home’s interior make sure that it will compliment your space and showcase your personality! As interior designer Nate Berkus stated; “Your home should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of things you love”.

Have fun redecorating! Don’t forget to share your ideas and inspirations with us.

The Born Team

Visit our online showroom for some home furniture

Born Furniture can provide you with comfortable furniture for your home , have a look at our Chesterfield sofas, Tub chairs and Wingback Chairs

Your home should tell the story of WHO YOU ARE, and be a collection of WHAT YOU LOVE.



Office Feng Shui by Born Furniture

Office Feng Shui by Born Furniture

Office Feng Shui

Born Furniture introducing Feng Shui as a tool for ideal flow in your office.

Life has sure changed since the early century where taking work home was not heard of. Nor was working until 10pm at the office part of a normal weekday. During the past few decades, technology, cultural sensitivity and a whole host of legalities have transformed the workplace. Beginning with the women’s movement in the 1970s, the workplace has shifted from one dominated by older white males to a more multicultural community. Notably, women, minorities, the handicapped and younger workers now share the workplace at all levels. This has most definitely exposed our ambitions but it has not made it easier. We are juggling many balls and wearing many different masks at home and at the office.

Feng shui for our office is as important as the feng shui for our bedroom. As a matter of fact our office is our second home. In addition we should spend time equipping our offices better by creating a calming and protective atmosphere. You can do so by arranging your personal office or cubicle according to the tenets of Feng Shui to get the most possible work done with the least amount of stress and frustration.

The ideal office is a room of your own with a regular shape preferably a square or rectangle. Furthermore, natural lighting (at least one window), a solid door you can close, and a good position for your desk is also ideal. One of the great advantages of having your own office is that you can usually perform more decorative Feng Shui adjustments than if you work in a cubicle. Of course, not every company can afford, or desires, to put every employee in his or her own individual space. Here are some tips to clear your office space:

Clear Clutter & Organize: One of the most fundamental steps in creating a feng shui office is to get rid of clutter. Clutter has a profound impact on your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Ensure your desk is in the right position: In a feng shui office you want to make sure that you are sitting in the power position. Meaning that you can see the door when seated at your desk. Ideally, you should be able to see as much of the room as possible.

Use appropriate artwork and imagery: When you surround yourself with images and objects that you love and that inspire you, you create a living affirmation for your goals.

In a feng shui office you want to surround yourself with images and objects that keep you inspired, creative and productive. Add flowers, art and beautiful window treatments. Hang pictures, mottos and images that symbolize what you want to accomplish. Furthermore, choose furniture and accessories that speak to you of prosperity, abundance and success.

Incorporate stress relievers: Keep stress and irritability to a minimum by choosing furniture with rounded corners or positioning sharp corners out of traffic flow. Avoid harsh lighting or lots of glare since it can cause irritability and fatigue. Additionally, you can add music, running water or mist with essential oils to keep stress levels to a minimum.

However, these are only guidelines but will be a good start to a better and more creative working space. Please take into consideration that you will need to protect yourself from bad energies around the office too. One of the best ways to protect yourself from negative energy is to make sure you are filled with good energy. Make sure you don’t take on negative energy yourself. We look forward to hearing your comments after you have tried our tips on Office feng Shui.
The Born team

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Closing the closet doors makes the mess go away…