Caring for your leather

It is important to know that products made from natural leathers, like furniture, will age with time. Just like our own skin, it will need moisturising and caring for it to be kept in excellent condition. Due to the importance of taking care of your leather, we have put together these easy steps:

  • Skip the home potions: The first rule of cleaning leather is to avoid DIY remedies. Homemade solutions like using vinegar are best kept for salads, not leather cleaning. The best thing is to avoid applying anything that is not endorsed by the tanneries or your couch supplier.
  • Cleaning materials: Only use a soft microfiber cloth and a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. Always use a neutral-pH nondetergent soap or a leather cleaner designed for furniture. Furthermore, leather cream/conditioner should also be applied once a month.
  • Cleaning Steps: Here are the steps for cleaning and caring for your leather. (Remember to always spot check first – apply to one area that can’t be seen and see how the leather reacts.)
      1. Start by vacuuming the sofa using the brush attachment.
      2. Add a few drops of the leather cleaner to distilled water to create a cleaning solution. Moisten a microfiber cloth with the solution. Note, make sure not to use a wet cloth but rather a damp cloth.
      3. Test the solution on an area to check for any discolouration from the cleaner.
      4. Wipe the sofa from top to bottom.
      5. Dampen another cloth with plain distilled water and wipe furniture again.
      6. Dry with a clean towel.
      7. Apply leather cream on the couch to ensure long-lasting care.
  • Spills, Spots and Stains: As leather is very sensitive to liquids, a spill should be absorbed and cleaned up as soon as possible to keep it from soaking in and harming the leather.
  • To condition or not? Want to keep your leather sofa soft and supple? After cleaning apply leather cream occasionally on your sofa. We recommend applying cream every 6 months to maintain the leathers natural oils to keep it soft for years.
  • Other Care Tips: Keep your leather furniture out of direct sunlight and heat sources. The heat can cause drying and cracking of the leather.
  • Leather Care Kit: We recommend using our Leather Guard Range. The set consists of Leather Cream, Leather Cleaner, Ink Killer, Microfibre and a Leather Care & Protection Plan Manual.

Why this Leather Care Kit?

  • It prevents future cracking & peeling
  • Protects against UV sun damage
  • Easily removes ink & stains
  • Retains the suppleness & lustre of the leather
  • Helps prevent colour fading
  • Keeps the leather newer for longer
  • It’s easy to use.

You can purchase the Leather Care Kit in-store or on our online shop. Take care of your leather sofa and it will last you a lifetime.

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