How much fabric do I need

How much fabric do I need?

Many people ask approximately how much fabric do I need for reupholstering furniture.

Below some illustrations on which areas to add into your measurement process. We also added a chart to give you our measurement suggested amount of fabric.

chair2-400x290 chair1-400x259

Remember fabric runs in a running meter, which means 1 running meter is on average 1.4m wide

Where as when working with leather its measured in square meter (1000mm x 1000mm).



When shopping for fabric, you’ll find a tremendous variety of sizes, patterns, and materials, all factors that will affect how much you need.
To look at some patterns go to U&G Fabrics
Below a chart to give you our estimations.


Plain fabrics are the simplest to work with: Stripes, plaids, and other patterns must be matched at the seams to be consistent. Though this can be tricky for the upholsterer, a smaller stripe or plaid that is evenly spaced should not cause much cutting waste, so you shouldn’t need to allow for extra fabric. If you want welting, piping cord that covers the seams, from the same fabric, you’ll need a lot more. “Welting on a chair with a striped or plaid fabric automatically adds an extra meter and a half.


Some patterns will require extra metrics. “If you have a flower pattern with an 25cm repeat, that means it will be 25cm before you hit the next, identical flower. “To center Flower on the seat of a chair, on the back, and on the skirt, you’ll need to cut away excess fabric and fit the pattern correctly. Some patterns have very small repeats, 2cm or less; others are as large as 50cm. “In general, an 22cm repeat means you’ll need about 20 percent more fabric; a 35cm repeat, 40 percent more.
Do not run OUT OF FABRIC:
Never skimp on fabric and assume you will be able to go back to the store and buy more if necessary. This might seem like smart shopping, but it’s not: Never expect to get an exact fabric match the second time around. Dye lots change overnight. You might buy an extra meter of fabric that looks the same, but if the dye is slightly different, it won’t match the rest of the fabric.

For any reupholstering project, your most important task will be choosing fabric, you must determine not only the look and feel of the material, but also how much of it you’ll need. Determining fabric amounts is tricky, it is wise to consult a professional before you make a purchase. But it’s fun to be able to make at least your own estimate, and to understand the factors involved. The shape of the piece, the pattern of the cloth, any extras such as a skirt or welting Remember before jumping into a project, Since upholstery fabrics cost from about R60 to R800 per meter or more, knowing approximately how much you’ll need before you make a choice is helpful.

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