Repair or buy New

Does your Sofa need repairing?

Your sofas is 10 to 15 years old, the fabric was nibbled on by the dog, You raise your children on it and most of the cushions sits flat.
Worst of all the fabric is most probable way out of fashion. There are two basic choices here.
Buy a brand new set and take the old one to the nearest Hospice or…
Reupholster your old set.

If you decide to go for a total change, visit our Classic and Modern sofa page or send us a image of you dream sofa and we can custom built it for you.

But, if you know your old set’s frame is still in a superb condition and you think to reupholstering it, you need to plan it well.

The aspects to consider is as follows:

Fabric or leather (Fabric price between R19 to R1200 per running meter and Leather price between R180 to R315 per sqm).

Where to find the right fabric at the right price. (Visit U&G here)

Does the frame need some light repairs?

Foam: The density of the foam, Soft or more firm (Our policy is to replace all foam once your set is older than 3 to 4 years. Cost between R200 to R1000 per set).

Transport: How do you get your set to where ever its going for repairs? (We pick it up at no cost in Pretoria and surrounding areas, and R600 max outside Pretoria.

Re-up Period: How long is your set going to be away. (At born we try to lift your set on a Monday and have it back by Friday).

Warranties: What is the warranty or guarantee on the newly refurbished set? ( We can’t guarantee your frame, but we do warrant the new foam according to the manufacturers warranty, The fabric to the Fabric house’s warranty, 3 years on craftsmanship.)

Changes.: Do you need to higher the back or shorten the seat depth, or change the entire look. (This is our specialty, just send your set, we can provide references).

Born Furniture’s mission is to provide high quality service and customer satisfaction – We will do everything we can to meet your expectations. We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry, please feel free to contact us for more information.

Repair or buy New

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  • Agnes Mokoto June 22, 2019   Reply →

    Morning, do you have branch in Polokwane or Tzaneen? We need to repair and recover leather lounge suit

    • admin June 25, 2019   Reply →

      Good morning.
      Unfortunately, we don’t have a branch in Polokwane or Tzaneen. We can however still do the reupholstery for you.

      Kindly send us your contact details and a sales consultant will be in touch with you.

  • Idah Mazibuko October 27, 2019   Reply →

    Good day, I have eight dining room chairs which I would like to have refurbished. They are wooden chairs, but I’d love to cover the entire chair in leather. Please advise if that is possible.


    • admin October 28, 2019   Reply →

      Good day Idah

      Kindly send us your contact information and a sales consultant will be in touch regarding the options on your reupholstery.

      The BORN team

  • Ben Tladi August 11, 2020   Reply →

    I would like to find out about about BEDGRAND. Pls leave me your contact details

  • Mrs Mpelegeng khanyile October 27, 2020   Reply →

    Good day ,can l please have your contact details and your branch near Benoni

    • admin November 4, 2020   Reply →

      Hi Mrs Mpelegeng
      Unfortunately we don’t have a branch in Benoni. We only have our factory showroom in Pretoria.
      You can contact us at 064 819 3704

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