Mixing different styles in your home interior

When we decorate our living areas we often find it difficult to choose a style for that space. With so many different styles to choose from it is understandable. From Modern to Bohemian and Industrial to more Traditional, there is something for everyone! Notably, you can give a room character and create memorable interiors by choosing furniture from different styles and eras. 

We have put together a few tips on how to mix different styles in your interior. Firstly, to successfully mix different interior styles think about creating contrasts. Play with matching hard with soft, dull with bright, square with round or wood with metal. Secondly, choose one statement/focal point piece. You can try to use a unique, classic or mid-century piece to a contemporary setting. With this setting, you will add character to your room and create an interesting overall look and flow. Furthermore, you should choose a piece that has a story, for example, a heirloom or a piece you bought on your latest trip. This will be a wonderful conversation starter, as you share the story of that piece.

You have to consider the colours that you use. When you choose a piece of furniture for your space, keep the colour tones the same for the rest of the furniture in the room for a more subtle transition. Furthermore, we think that this is a safer option when mixing styles, especially if it is something new to you. However, for those brave hearts bring a complimentary colour that will liven the space, and this will become the accent of the room.

Another wonderful way to mix styles is to mix pieces from different time periods. Furniture from different time periods have unique characteristics and history is timeless. With mixing styles the rule of “opposites attract” is true. Using opposite styles will change the ambiance of a space dramatically. Using an abstract piece of art on a wall above a vintage style sofa will look beautiful!

We recommend a Born Furniture Chesterfield paired with a contemporary chair, this combination will work wonders! The different styles from the different time periods will compliment each other beautifully as the difference will be highlighted.

Mixing different interior styles will be a wonderful decorating challenge for you to take on. Express your creativity and unleash your inner interior designer, and don’t forget to share your creations with us.

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