Born Furniture Christmas Table Setting

Tips to create the perfect Christmas table setting

Tips to create the perfect Christmas table setting

Christmas is around the corner and that off course offers various Christmas dinners. Dining with the entire family around your dining table can be a wonderful feast when you have the perfect Christmas table setting.  So for those looking to up their table setting game or just need some advice, there’s no better time than the festive season to step things up a notch. We have a few tips on how to create the perfect Christmas table setting that will keep the family talking till next Christmas!

Firstly, your dining room furniture is probably the most important! Having a dining set that adds an elegant ambience to your space is more appealing than old and over used furniture. Our Rochelle dining chairs in a Gazelle Taupe leather will create a delightful ambience to your space and is sure to catch the eye of everyone stepping into the room.

Secondly, your table decor is important for setting the perfect table. Traditionally, people set a Christmas table with the side plate to the left of the dinner plate. However, in modern times a layered setting very popular! Place the side plate and dessert bowl on the dinner plate, creating various layers. For a festive touch tie a bow around the plates, when your guest sit down it feel like they are opening a gift.


Furthermore, if you want to add a interesting touch to your Christmas table, mix and match your crockery. Use patterned side plates or plates with festive words and pictures, paired with solid colours that compliments your theme. Mixing your cutlery is also a way to bring this element to your table.

Additionally, tree decorations are not just for the big Christmas tree in your living room. A collection of Christmas baubles and other decorations can be displayed in a beautiful way and can double as your centrepiece or just adding festive touches to your dining table.

Your Christmas table setting should include candles! Candles help create the right mood anytime of day! Fairy lights are also a way to incorporate light on your dining table, it adds beautiful colours and the festive ambience.

Traditionally, people use plain colours like a crisp white either for the tablecloth or placemats. You can choose if you only want to use a tablecloth or placemat, however placing a placemat on top of a tablecloth will add t your layered effect. Don’t forget the table runner! A Table runner can make a bold statement and looks beautiful paired with the rest of the table setting.

Remember, Christmas is about spending time with your loved ones and to enjoy a meal together. Create an atmosphere that is relaxed and enjoyable! Set you Christmas table with personal touches and keep our tips in mind. Have a wonderful Christmas feast and don’t forget to share your creations with us.

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Eat drink and be MERRY.



born furniture christmas festive holidays

Making your home festive for the holidays

Making your home festive for the holidays

Can you feel the excitement of the holidays approaching yet? Decorating for the holidays is a fun family tradition that often denotes the start of the season. While some of us love the familiarity of using the same decorations year after year, others like to mix it up a bit and decorate with a fresh palette every season. We’ve put together some terrific festive holiday décor ideas for your home’s interior.

Decorate the front door.

A season’s greetings right at your front door. Use tree branches, wreaths, ornaments, ribbons or anything you like that gives your door a festive look and feel.

Photo adapted from Good House Keeping 

Add cheer to your staircase.

The staircase is a wonderful place to bring in the festive cheer! Add Christmas decorations and fairy lights to the guardrails of your stairs to create a special focal point for your Christmas decor.

Photo adapted from Country Living

Give the perfect seat.

Special occasions require special furniture solutions. Replacing your furniture before the holiday season gives your space a special atmosphere. Not only for the holidays but also for the years ahead. A Leather Chesterfield gives an ambience of opulence to your space and it gives your guest a comfortable seat.

Deck the windows.

Don’t know where to decorate? Utilise your windows! Hang Christmas decorations, wreaths in simple arrangements. It will bring the festiveness to your home both inside and outside.

Photo adapted from Digs Digs

Candle light setting.

Candles are another wonderful way to enhance the festive ambience in your space. It adds beautiful lighting to your space creating a magical atmosphere to your space – perfect for Christmas! Furthermore, using scented candles can also bring in the fragrances of the holidays.

Photo adapted from Homedit

These are just some ideas to make your home more festive over the holidays! Let us know what you think and share your creations and ideas with us.

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Eat drink and be MERRY.



born furniture winter home decor

5 Winter Essentials for your home

Winter Home Essentials

When temperatures drop and it becomes harder to leave the house, it is wonderful to have a comfortable place to cozy-up. Don’t know where to begin when bracing your home for the winter? Use our 5 home essential guide to create the ultimate home interior to escape the chilly winter.

Soft throws

Throws are vital for a winter-ready space, they offer texture and additional warmth.You can style them any way you like, as it will bring a layered look to your interior. This winter, snuggle up with a good book or film under the comfort of one of our opulent throws.

Cozy pillows

Photo adapted from Restoration Hardware

 During the winter season, it is all about layering up and scatter cushions offer a very simple way to do this. This time of year comfort is essential, therefore mix and match different styles to create a cosy display. Use soft materials that will make your space more welcoming. Velvet and silken designs are the perfect options and will create an inviting ambience while feeling incredible.


A luxurious rug is another must have this winter. It creates extra warmth and comfort during the cold season. Area rugs can be used as a design element in a room; they add colour and style while unifying a space. Furthermore, rugs add a layer of insulation to the floor, trapping cool air underneath and keep it from seeping up and cooling the room. The warmth of the rug will keep your feet toasty, too.


Photo adapted from Delightfull

The lighting in your home can also enhance the ambience of your space. Table lamps and ceiling lights are options, however when it comes to distinguishing your space this cold season it;s all about floor lamps. Tall, slender and elegant floor lamps in different styles, deliver light at a height to create a moody ambience.

Scented candles

Photo adapted from YOPA

In addition, candlelight is another seasonal staple and wonderful lighting option. Perfect for creating a restful atmosphere candles are a beautiful way to give your home that winter glow. Place multiples around your interior for maximum impact, scattering a few thoughtfully chosen candles across bookcases, mantelpieces, windowsills and tabletops. Use scented candles to add an aroma of warmth and comfort in your space.

This concludes our 5 home essentials for your home interior to keep warm this cold season. What can you add to our essential list? Share your ideas with us on how to stay warm this winter.

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Winter is the most Wonderful time of the year.



Testimonials entertainment furniture entertaining area

Essential furniture for your entertainment area

Furniture you need for your entertainment area

Whether you like to spend time with guests in the comfort of your home or outside beside a crackling braai, your furniture is an important ingredient in the recipe for successful entertaining. We have put together a list of a few furniture items that are essential for any entertainment event.

Let’s begin with outdoor furniture. When the temperature is right take advantage and have the party outside. Nowadays we have a wide variety of outdoor furniture we can use, this includes rattan furniture, versatile outdoor ottomans, and stylish dining sets perfect for outdoor use. Notably, outdoor furniture must add an ambiance of ease and comfort to your entertainment area.

No matter the size of your party, a good table around which family and friends can gather is probably the most essential piece of furniture. You have to consider the space in which the dining table would be, the finishing of the table and how many people can be seated at the table. We have a variety of dining tables and chairs and can alter our tables to be made to your specifications, to ensure the dining set fits in your entertainment area perfectly.

Furthermore, your guest will have to sit in the most stylish chairs. Give your guests a place to settle in for the evening with an easy and agreeable seat from our Dining Chair collection. We have a wide variety of seating options to suit your preferences.

In addition, a bench ottoman is a wonderful addition to your entertainment area. An ottoman can provide extra seating if needed and can be used as a storage unit or just a beautiful accessory in your space. Choose a bench that makes a statement like our Bennedict Ottoman or opt for something a little more classic like the Westley Ottoman.

What is a party without a couple of drinks? A drinking cabinet is all you need to elegantly store your drinks and at the same time showoff your sophistication. Because there’s nothing that says sophisticated dining quite like fixing a drink out of your stylish drinks cabinet.

So now you know a few essential furniture pieces to make your entertainment area absolutely fabulous. Why not start to enhance your entertainment area with our furniture? Luxury you can afford. Visit our showroom to view our beautiful furniture. If you can dream it, we can make it.

The Born Team

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That’s the secret of entertaining.

You make your guest feel welcome and at home.

If you do that honestly, the rest will take care of itself.



autumn home decor autumn decor

Autumn Inspiration

Decorating your home for Autumn

With the seasons changing it is time to change your home interior as well. Autumn is the best time of year to use earth tone colours in your home decor. The colder nights, autumn colours and nature changing before us is all the evidence we need to know autumn is here. Adding autumn touches to your home decor will help you transition into the new season and a change is as good as a holiday they say. Notably, when we decorate we should consider the exterior and interior of our homes, the rich and robust colours of the season. Choose your style and see how our decorating tips and ideas will make you want to jump to work to start redecorating!

Firstly, a small but very subtle way to introduce the autumn atmosphere to your home is by displaying artwork that depicts autumn images and colours. Artwork is known to change the mood in your space dramatically. Use nature themes with autumn colours like orange, rusts and golden yellows or browns and reds.

Furthermore, you should use your fireplace, if you have one, to showcase your seasonal decor. Your fireplace mantel is the best place for any decoration especially this time of year. Use dried leaves and pine cones or small pumpkins, and candles, This will brighten your mantel and the ambiance of your room.

As the nights get colder it means we need cozy lounge and TV areas. Use autumn coloured throw blankets on your sofas. A wonderful idea is to combine scatter cushions in complimenting colours to your sofa. The cushions, throws and the cozy couch will complete any cozy nook.

In addition, to welcome your guests hang a beautiful autumn wreath at your front door. You can make your own wreath or buy one at one of your local home decor shops. We suggest you look for a wreath with autumn elements like pine cones, leaves, berries, straw and dried sticks.

Furthermore, to incorporate the autumn season in individual rooms is quite easy. Add autumn colours to every room by changing small items like throws, scatter cushions, area rugs, bed and bath linen that blend with your decor. The possibilities on how you can enhance the autumn ambiance in your home are endless.

Lastly, you can also bring the aromas of autumn into your home. Even tough the visuals of autumn is wonderful, if you can smell it it is even better! The first burning of your fireplace, cinnamon and scented candles are all welcome aromatic ways to make your home feel full of autumn inspiration.

Enjoy this Autumn with these wonderful decor tips and ideas.  Bring warmth into your home before it is bustling with activity for the winter holiday! Share your ideas on decorating for the Autumn season, with us.. We’d love to hear them!

The Born team

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It’s a new season.

A perfect opportunity to do something new

something bold, something beautiful.




mixing interior styles mixing different styles

Different styles in your interior

Mixing different styles in your home interior

When we decorate our living areas we often find it difficult to choose a style for that space. With so many different styles to choose from it is understandable. From Modern to Bohemian and Industrial to more Traditional, there is something for everyone! Notably, you can give a room character and create memorable interiors by choosing furniture from different styles and eras. 

We have put together a few tips on how to mix different styles in your interior. Firstly, to successfully mix different interior styles think about creating contrasts. Play with matching hard with soft, dull with bright, square with round or wood with metal. Secondly, choose one statement/focal point piece. You can try to use a unique, classic or mid-century piece to a contemporary setting. With this setting, you will add character to your room and create an interesting overall look and flow. Furthermore, you should choose a piece that has a story, for example, a heirloom or a piece you bought on your latest trip. This will be a wonderful conversation starter, as you share the story of that piece.

You have to consider the colours that you use. When you choose a piece of furniture for your space, keep the colour tones the same for the rest of the furniture in the room for a more subtle transition. Furthermore, we think that this is a safer option when mixing styles, especially if it is something new to you. However, for those brave hearts bring a complimentary colour that will liven the space, and this will become the accent of the room.

Another wonderful way to mix styles is to mix pieces from different time periods. Furniture from different time periods have unique characteristics and history is timeless. With mixing styles the rule of “opposites attract” is true. Using opposite styles will change the ambiance of a space dramatically. Using an abstract piece of art on a wall above a vintage style sofa will look beautiful!

We recommend a Born Furniture Chesterfield paired with a contemporary chair, this combination will work wonders! The different styles from the different time periods will compliment each other beautifully as the difference will be highlighted.

Mixing different interior styles will be a wonderful decorating challenge for you to take on. Express your creativity and unleash your inner interior designer, and don’t forget to share your creations with us.

The Born team

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Life should be

chic, glamorous and colourful

and so should your home.



born furniture pastel pink wingback

Pastel Home Decor

 Decorating with pastels

Choosing the colour for your home’s interior decor can be quite a challenge. There are so many combination, from brights to dulls, from neutral to neon. who would have ever thought that pastel colours would make such a wonderful colour choice? Let’s see how we can use hues of pastel in your home.

Starting small is the best way to go with pastel. Use scatter cushions, artwork, vases or frames to add just a splash of the colour you want. This is erect if you don’t want to commit an entire room to just on colour. However, don’t over due it, sometimes a pop of colour can be more powerful.

Pair pastel colours with dark colours to make a dramatic statement. Think of a soft pink paired with a bold black. The Princess Diana in the Born Ballerina Pink leather with scatter cushions in our signature Jet Black leather would definitely make a bold statement. Looking for something more modern? A pastel yellow paired with a pale grey would work wonderful!


Art is a great source for color palette inspiration. Shades of blue, green, and yellow in a painting will echo throughout the room in the walls, accessories, and upholstery.

You can use pastel colours in any room in the house, let us have a look at some inspiration.

This kitchen looks so inviting with green pastel walls paired with dark wood finishes. The green colour of the plants in the kitchen is just enough to compliment the pastel green. A sophisticated yet comfortable kitchen.

Just look at this stunning bedroom! The pastel blue tones with just enough neutral white and brown makes this bedroom a peaceful area where you can relax and unwind.

A pastel pink chaise, what a way to make a statement. This delightful setting is inviting and definitely has an ambiance of relaxation.

Pastel colours are always a delight to use in any home decoration, have fun redecorating and don’t forget to share your creations with us.


The Born team

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If the couch fits,

buy it in every colour




Born Furniture Texture

Make an impact with textures

Textures can influence the ambience of your space

What makes a room beautiful? Surely, our thoughts are the colours, furniture and accessories in a space that is perfectly balanced. However, there is a secret that all good designers know that can really take a space to the next level. This is an element without no room is complete, this of course is texture.


Texture is all about the look and feel of a surface, this can the feeling of your scatter cushions, throws, rugs, furniture, accessories and even your walls. All the elements in your space has a texture, and this texture influence the ambience of your space. Just think about it when you walk into a room that has a fluffy throw the ambience is immediately cosy or a room with a wooden bench as seating will have an ambience of simplicity and have a rustic feel.


Notably, we have some ideas to incorporate different textures in your space. Firstly, create inviting interiors with layered rugs, chenille, ticking fabrics, weathered woods, and dimensional artwork. This will create a comfortable ambience to your space. Or be bold and make an impact with shag rugs, smooth leather, sparse fabrics, light woods, glossy surfaces and shiny metals. In contrast you can go for a more romantic style with hand-hooked rugs, embroidered fabrics, vintage lace, and polished wood surfaces.


Similarly, you can use soft fine fabrics and embellished furniture for a feminine ambience. To create a more masculine feel add rustic metals and rich woods to your space. In addition, textures can influence the ambience of the space with regards to how formal or informal it is. Velvet headboards and silky pillows and slipcovers make a space more formal while cotton or denim materials add an everyday comfy ambience. Significantly, texture can encourage mingling. Combining a mix of textures in a concentrated area like in a dining room with different fabric trims of the dining chairs or a blend of glass, ceramic and linen on the table will invite people to come closer, touch and feel the various texture and instantly gather everything together.


Naturally, as with anything else when it comes to interior design, they key is to create a balance. Notably, without textured elements a space can feel cold and sterile and with too much textured elements a space can seem overcrowded and to busy. Furthermore, it is really up to you what you want to do with your textured elements. Do what you like as it is the space where you get to be creative. However, if you don’t know where to start have a look at some of our inspirations to use textures in and around your home.





Now go start texturizing your home interior to get the most out of your space. Don’t forget to share your creations with us.

Happy redecorating!

The Born team

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“A subtle amount of texture attracts the eye.”

Clyde Aspevig



born furniture hue knew blog interior decor colour combination

Hue knew?

Colourful interior decor for your home

Changing the color of your interior decor can not only have an impact on how you feel about your home, but on its value, too. Choosing a combination of hues that’s beautiful and pleasing to the eye is an entirely different task altogether. If you’ve been stymied about what home decor colors to choose, consider some of our colour combinations.


We now everyone has a favourite colour, whether it’s nature-inspired blue, passionate purple or vibrant yellow. Furthermore, it is most likely that you have a tonal preference too. This can include anything from brights to muted or pastel hues. Whatever your interior style is, here are some ways in which you can use different colours.

Firstly, we suggest you use the colour blue. Blue ranks so high as a favorite colour that you won’t go wrong if you use this versatile colour. Furthermore, blue enhances the peaceful ambience of your space to create the perfect place to relax. A blue chesterfield is an excellent way to incorporate blue to your space. Therefore, we recommend a Mozart Chesterfield in our Signature Oceano Blue leather. Notably, when you combine blue with another colour it creates a more creative effect.


We also suggest different hues of yellow. Yellow is associated with happiness and positivity and will be a delightful colour to use for your home’s interior as it will add to you joyful ambience. However, using too much yellow in your interior is not a good idea. Therefore, rather use smaller pieces of furniture or small decorating items that will make the space feel fresh and inviting. 


Perhaps best known as the colour of royalty, purple is truly significant! Purple can be a daunting colour to consider however, in all its hues it can be lovely and even sophisticated. Adding pops of purple hues in the form of furniture is a wonderful idea, we suggest a Born Wingback in our Royale Purple leather. Another way to add hues of purple is by using rugs, it can be used around the house without any effort.


Want a colourful, happy and full of energy space? We recommend using green for your home decor. The hue is the colour of live as it is associated with growth and rejuvenation. Incorporate the positive energy from green in your home with a Born Signature Emerald Green Leather sofa.


Color choices are highly subjective, and when it comes to decorating your home, you need to do what feels right to you. Similarly, it is just as important to choose the right colour combinations. As we discussed a peace enhancing blue, vibrant yellow, royal purple and lushes green we suggest that you pair these colours together. A space with natural hues of blue paired with yellow or green is a wonderful combination just as rich purple and green hues work perfectly together. Have a look at some of our colourful inspirations.


Whatever colour combination you choose for your home’s interior make sure that it will compliment your space and showcase your personality! As interior designer Nate Berkus stated “Your home should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of things you love.

Have fun redecorating! Don’t forget to share your ideas and inspirations with us.

The Born Team

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Sometimes all you needs is a splash of colour!