Textures can influence the ambience of your space

What makes a room beautiful? Surely, our thoughts are the colours, furniture and accessories in a space that is perfectly balanced. However, there is a secret that all good designers know that can really take a space to the next level. This is an element without no room is complete, this of course is texture.


Texture is all about the look and feel of a surface, this can the feeling of your scatter cushions, throws, rugs, furniture, accessories and even your walls. All the elements in your space has a texture, and this texture influence the ambience of your space. Just think about it when you walk into a room that has a fluffy throw the ambience is immediately cosy or a room with a wooden bench as seating will have an ambience of simplicity and have a rustic feel.


Notably, we have some ideas to incorporate different textures in your space. Firstly, create inviting interiors with layered rugs, chenille, ticking fabrics, weathered woods, and dimensional artwork. This will create a comfortable ambience to your space. Or be bold and make an impact with shag rugs, smooth leather, sparse fabrics, light woods, glossy surfaces and shiny metals. In contrast you can go for a more romantic style with hand-hooked rugs, embroidered fabrics, vintage lace, and polished wood surfaces.


Similarly, you can use soft fine fabrics and embellished furniture for a feminine ambience. To create a more masculine feel add rustic metals and rich woods to your space. In addition, textures can influence the ambience of the space with regards to how formal or informal it is. Velvet headboards and silky pillows and slipcovers make a space more formal while cotton or denim materials add an everyday comfy ambience. Significantly, texture can encourage mingling. Combining a mix of textures in a concentrated area like in a dining room with different fabric trims of the dining chairs or a blend of glass, ceramic and linen on the table will invite people to come closer, touch and feel the various texture and instantly gather everything together.


Naturally, as with anything else when it comes to interior design, they key is to create a balance. Notably, without textured elements a space can feel cold and sterile and with too much textured elements a space can seem overcrowded and to busy. Furthermore, it is really up to you what you want to do with your textured elements. Do what you like as it is the space where you get to be creative. However, if you don’t know where to start have a look at some of our inspirations to use textures in and around your home.





Now go start texturizing your home interior to get the most out of your space. Don’t forget to share your creations with us.

Happy redecorating!

The Born team

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“A subtle amount of texture attracts the eye.”

Clyde Aspevig



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